Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Downtown Point Pleasant

 I have walked the streets of downtown Point Pleasant a thousand times.
The shops and dining here are magnificent.
But I have never before seen this...

This mural, that appears to be quite old, depicting the downtown area of yesteryear.
Downtown has changed, but there are a few stores that are still here,

The Lumber Store

Point Pleasant Hardware Co.
Much further away from the stores, there is a beautiful Church.

Is this the train?

I fell in love with this mural!
We found it when we were looking for the race boats, back when my legs worked.
It is across from the train station, which is a great spot for it...
welcoming people to this beautiful town!


  1. That is a wonderful way to preserve the memories.

  2. Lovely mural! Must have taken a long time to paint it!


  3. The mural is fabulous. I love murals painted on buildings, silos etc.

  4. Wow, these murals are fantastic. I think it is a unique way to show what buildings and etc. once were. Thanks for sharing this one. I can see why you loved it all.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs! Praying that you are continuing to recover well.

  5. What a lovely mural this is, you've photographed it very well for us to see, thank you.

    Continued healing wishes coming across the miles :)

    All the best Jan

  6. What a lovely mural! I'm impressed.

  7. What a neat mural. I liked it all but especially the church.

  8. Hello Debbie,

    It is a neat mural, sharing lovely views of the town. Have a great day!

  9. Very nice! I like places that go out of the way to be welcoming.

  10. Great murals! They always seem to make me happy xo

  11. That is a beautiful mural. The Woolworth store front brings back memories.

  12. Such a great idea. Much better than a boring old wall.

  13. that is a great place for it, how fun to show things as they use to be. It is always fun when you come across these murals in towns, there are a few around here!