Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Is There A Fairy Among Us!!

The hubs and I were out and about, 
exploring an area of a Spring Lake Heights we have never explored in the past.
We were driving on Shore Road, 

and happened upon this nesting station for Purple Martins.
- I'll share the bird pictures on another day -

Across the street,
 in a park like setting, the hubs noticed some fairy like activity.
Someone had decorated the trees with miniature trinkets.

Everything you see, adorned the trees, in tiny fashion.

This next area you had to walk into.
A small cove in the trees, when you were inside,
it felt like a little fairy village, secluded among the trees!

What a find, people are so creative and clever...
I told you, stick with me and we will find cool stuff!

Have you ever happened upon something like this?


  1. Somebody is very creative and went to a lot of effort! How cool!

  2. The fairies have set up camp!

  3. I just love this! Smiles all around. We RVers are thrilled to know the fairies enjoy camping this way! (That little trailer is even tinier than the one we bought to travel home this year.))).

  4. That is so neat, I don't think I have seen anything like that except in gardens, people are so very creative.

  5. Debbie, So cute and fun. The first fairy garden I made with my granddaughter Emma...her dog Sam tore it up. LOL. So the next one we made over here and it is still out in the yard. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Hello,

    The fairy garden is very cute. I like the Purple Martin house set up! Take care, Enjoy your day!

  7. What an amazing Fairy garden! I am intrigued!
    You see the most amazing things!

  8. well, I can see that you have been in my backyard!! ha ha ha ha LOL......not really but wow, that is just ADORABLE isn't it?? Love it. I'm so glad you happened upon this so we could see it too. I have a few little fairy gardens here and there in our yard, but definetly not this much. I just love all the sweet tiny things and our little fairy granddaughter is still at the age where it's pure magical to her. WEll, it's hot and muggy here and definetly feeling like summer. Hope your week is starting off nicely. It's too hot to walk here....we're having a nice thunderstorm . The flowers are loving it. Have you been on your bike lately?

    1. we had a short ride over the weekend, down by the ocean. that is when we found this. you explore on foot, we explore on the bikes or drive around in the car. there is so much to see. i would love to know who created this!!!

  9. Wow, Debbie, that is amazing. The level of detail, right down to the teacups, is terrific. And no, I have not happened upon something like this … Happy Fourth of July, my friend!

  10. Love it! You always find such great things.

  11. Debbie, when I was on Hog Island in Maine, there were a few fairy areas in the mossy woods. I left a little matchbook truck there among the weeds for the fairies. Also when in a faerie garden in Ireland, I picked a flower and left a penny for the faeries there.
    A little lore and magic is a good thing. Sounds like you had a lovely outing.

  12. No, I haven't ever found a unique place like you do. In fact, that is one of the reasons I love you and your blog so much is that you find such fun places to visit and photograph.
    This is a unique one and I love all the cute miniature photos of little cabins, the trailer and fairy like items. Love it all!
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs!

  13. What an adorable fairy garden, so pleased you found it and shared it with your blogging friends :)

    All the best Jan