Monday, June 22, 2020

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing...

and the pool is seeing a lot of action!
I have been swimming almost every day, floating a little... 
and I am loosing terribly at corn hole in the pool.
The hubs is crushing it this year.
* sigh *

The garden looks awesome,

Heirloom Tomatoes

Beefsteak Tomatoes

with a lot of tomatoes coming!

This Dill plant is huge and I already have 3 caterpillars dining on it!

This is my new bike helmet, they didn't have purple...
I think pink is the next best thing.

Tomorrow, I think I will take a walk around the gardens,
and show you what is blooming!


  1. Sweet summer hat Debbie. Your crops are looking good too. I see butterfly food. Oh yes get in that pool and relax. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hello, your pool looks nice! Your veggies are looking great too. I like the cute hat, that really is a real bike helmet? Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead!

  3. Any time I hear the word dill I smile and think of you Debbie.

  4. Great porch garden and doing fantastic!

  5. Your garden is doing well. Love your bike helmet!

  6. Your garden, your pool, your plants look great.
    I do like your bike helmet … but then as you know pink is my favourite colour :)

    Have a good week Debbie.

    All the best Jan

  7. The view of your pool/lake looks fantastic.
    Look at that garden.. marvelous.

  8. I do love the pool and also how competitive you are. Your garden is lovely and I will be posting some photos of ours soon. It's looking good. I do love your pick helmet. Yes, pink is a great color if you can't have purple.
    Blessings and hugs!

  9. Now that is a helmet I would consider wearing.

  10. These are great! Your pool looks VERY invited, and your pots full of tomatoes and herbs and even a pretty pink sun hat, the windchimes and the blue rhododendrons. Gorgeous! Enjoy your week Debbie :)

  11. Wow your plants are coming along great!! Love your new hat!!

  12. I like the view of water beyond your pool, now that is classy. Your plants are all thriving, mine are too.

  13. I love visiting you! Your garden looks amazing. We should have plenty of ripe tomatoes when we go back home for a few days this week. And, yes! I best keep the mint confined! It does take over!
    Love your pink helmet! Stay ON the bike!!! No falling, please!!!!

  14. nope nope nope it don't get any better than THIS........your gorgeous pool, the water in the background (prety scene!!), and your garden growing all pretty! I love that bluebird windchime. This is our very first year to attract bluebirds and we've been so excited to have them!!! it's getting awful hot here....I probably would just be laying and floating in the pool all day, ha ha LOL

  15. I'm so envious of your garden. It looks the perfect place to spend the day relaxing.

  16. Your garden looks fantastic! We had a bit of a setback with some below freezing temps in early May, but ours is looking better now. Some of the veggies will be later, though. The pool is looking nice right about now!