Thursday, June 18, 2020

Toms River Seaport

If I were you, 
I would want to take me along with you on a road trip or ride in the car.
I always find the coolest things.
Last week when the hubs asked me to go on a business errand with him, as I previously admitted, 
I didn't really want to go.
But I must say I was so glad I went...
I found the coolest stuff to photograph and a few awesome places to explore.

This piece of art was so beautiful, right across from the office building we visited.

Next, I spotted this multicultural mural...

We turned a corner...

to see this heart warming statue!

The next great find was this Seaport Museum
The indoor museum was closed but the open air area, with the boats was open.

Sea Biscuit

Old Town Canoe

A Kayak from yesteryear!

I also found a nice park I had never been to, 
Huddy Park, 
I will show you that tomorrow.

See!! I find stuff!!


  1. Hello, Debbie

    It does look like a great outing, you have some wonderful photos. I love the tile mosaic and the mural. The statue is beautiful. Cool museum! Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful!

    I wonder who the artist is.

    1. funny you should ask that. the people who designed the fish and snail, their names were listed in a separate smaller fish, and of course i took a picture. when i got back in the car, i decided to clean up the memory card on my camera. i continued that project as we were riding home and i was on such a roll, i was not REALLY looking at the pictures as i was deleting them, i deleted the small fish with the artists names!!!

  3. So happy to go with you! Loved those first pictures...they are awesome, especially the mural.

  4. You found great stuff! The murals were beautiful!

  5. I would definitely want to take YOU along when I get in the car to go somewhere. I turned down a chance to go with my hubby across town today and now I wish I had gone! LOVE the murals and the fact that we have so many talented artists in the world that share their art with others. Making the world more beautiful...makes me feel thankful! Hugs!

  6. You always see the coolest things!

  7. Very cool murals. You do see some neat things on your outings.

  8. Wow that first one is stunning, is that painted or are those things things glued to the wall. The others are cool too, love the one seeing people through the window. Neat that you were able to explore the outside of the museum, so neat when you can discover a new place!

  9. Goodness, you do find the most amazing places. The fish mosaic is stunning and everything else is very interesting. Yup, you need to come along with us one of these days ;) I always take note of the places you have been to, as when we start road tripping again, would love to see this place. Have a great weekend Debbie!

  10. You do find stuff! And I would definitely want to take you along on my drives ... if we were only closer than several thousand miles away )). If we were still full time RVers , I really would be bookmarking some of your posts for the next time we were “back East”.

  11. It was definitely worth going! You found some great stuff you hadn't seen before. Really nice murals and wonderful boats! The indoor museum would probably be interesting when it opens again.

  12. Finding 'stuff' is often a matter of attitude. I find that I can usually see something of interest as long as my attitude remains positive.You obviously have the right attitude .

  13. You are so good at finding stuff. I loved this one and especially the older boats and then I loved the first part too with the Murals. Amazing artwork with great themes. I'm happy you went with your hubby on this one; it was a great find.
    Blessings and hugs!

  14. You do find some great places …
    I do like the tile mosaic and the mural.

    All the best Jan