Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hodge-Podge "Too"

It's been an awesome week so far, and it's only Wednesday as I write.
we visited the inlet, Spring Lake, 
rode the bikes and had a really nice swim in the pool.
I have written about all of that,
and I am absolutely sure Sunday was the perfect day!

Isn't snail mail amazing?
I received this card from my friend Dee.
She owns the Alpaca Farm I visit, 
Arrow Acres Farm.
She "doodled" this amazing image of an Alpaca and sent it to me in the form of a card.
She also made the flower and gifted that to me last year when we were in Rhinebeck.
She is so sweet and a very talented lady!

Tuesday, we visited The Great Adventure Safari.
The safari was always a stay in your own car, drive thru experience.
A few years ago, they changed it so that you had to enter the park, and drive in one of these trucks.
We did that once and I preferred going thru in my own car.
Taking my time, not rushing = hours and hours of enjoying all of the animals.
With the quarantine, they opened it back up as a drive thru safari and we really enjoyed it.
Lots of pictures of the animals coming soon!

The squirrels keep getting in to my hummingbird feeders...
they are killing me.
I found this one for a buck at the dollar store, 
I actually think it may be better than the one I was using.
At the end of the season, I will just toss it away, for a dollar, you can't beat it,
and I don't think the squirrels will be able to get in to it!

I have been so tired at night, I have no felt much like knitting.
Also, I fell again last week and my wrist is killing me.
But, I did finally finish my latest,

Farm Girl Shawl
This is not the finished product.
I was too tired to get up and take a picture last night,
so this is the most recent picture I had,
but trust me, it is done.
I am not happy with the way my edge looks, I will have to talk to Liz about that.
I have also worked 20 or so rows on my Irish Hiking Scarf.
By the time I finish it, I could have hiked to Ireland.

My butterflies continue to emerge and 
I continue to have the honor of releasing them back to nature.
This is number 37, isn't she a beauty?

Today, the hubs asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him, 
south to Toms River to keep him company on a business errand.
I didn't feel like going, 
but I said yes as he gave me those "puppy dog eyes" and he says he enjoys my company.
That can't be true, I barely enjoy my own company, but I went and that turned into a real adventure.
More on that another day, but we had a lot of fun.

I keep passing different versions of this message everywhere...
I hope the healthcare workers know how much we appreciate all of them!

Another day in the books, the light is shinning at the end of the tunnel! 


  1. Hello,
    I just love your pretty butterfly images. The hydrangea is lovely too. Sorry about your fall, I hope your wrist is healing. The hummingbird feeder is a great deal. I have seen those hero signs around here too. Have a great day!

  2. I fell trying out my daughter’s bike a few days ago. Loved the bike. We are still looking for bikes, folding ones so we can take them easily in the car. Hope you recover from the fall soon.

  3. All your outings sound wonderful and of course another round of beautiful butterflies. Hope your wrist heals quickly.

  4. I'm sure your hubby does enjoy your company. I enjoy just listening to your thoughts while reading your blog. Sorry about the wrist. How did you fall? That looks like a plastic hummingbird feeder. I have had the squirrels chew through plastic... but for a dollar, you can't go wrong. I'm looking for a crochet project - is that farm girl shawl a difficult pattern? And your Swallowtails are gorgeous!

  5. Hope you get some energy back soon. It's no fun being tired all the time.

  6. Hi! I went there on Monday with my daughter. Loved all the animals. I want to go back. Maybe in the fall. So many bears!

    1. hi ruth, what a fun time, right?? we were there for hours and i had a blast. there were a lot of bears, and giraffes. they came up to our car and were drooling all over it. we also saw a newborn, with its mom that was separated from the rest!! we are going to go back also. just check with the park before you go. i read it was only going to be open like this for the month of june!! cape may zoo is opening on the 15th, that's a hike but a very nice zoo!!!

    2. nice to hear from you!!!

  7. That doodle card is neat, Greg use to do that all the time but hasn't done it in awhile.
    Well one good thing that came out of the covid you can drive yourself through, I would much prefer that myself too.
    Wow 37, do they hang around your house or do they fly away for good, it would be so nice to have a yard full of them flying around.

    Good luck with your new feeder, luckily the squirrels have not found my hummingbird feeder :)

  8. This was a lovely post. The card from your friend Dee, is awesome and the other gift too. I like that you could do the drive through Safari. I will look forward to the photos.
    I do think # 37 Butterfly is a beauty and I loved the flower it was placed upon. Your photos of these butterflies are beyond spectacular. I just love them all.
    Your shawl is lovely and I will look forward to the Irish Hiking Scarf.
    The Dollar Store Hummingbird feeder is awesome. Sorry about the Squirrels. that bother them. I do hope this works.
    Well my dear friend, do get rest. I really don't know how you do what you do. Your adventures would wear me out for sure.
    Take care of yourself and be safe always. Sending loving thoughts and hugs!

  9. That shawl is so pretty, you did a great job on that! We are using those cheap dollar store hummingbird feeders as well, and they work as well as the more expensive ones, so that made us happy! Glad you liked the plantation pictures and you know, I think we saw a white peacock somewhere as well....maybe here a few year ago?---maybe not. I made a picture of one somewhere. Hope y'all are planning something fun to go do this weekend!?

  10. What a wonderful uplifting post, and yes I'd love to go on that adventure too, it's got to be quite interesting. Your snail mail is wonderful too, and what a pleasure when we do get it. Seems not so much these days. Take care of you be safe and enjoy your weekend as I know you will. Life is good!

  11. Great post, loved it! I would like to go see that animal safari one day and look forward to your photos. The alpaca card was darling! Always love your knitting and yarn choices, great idea on the dollar store feeders. Going to check that out. Beautiful butterflies and that hero sign, loved it, loved it, loved it. Just read a wonderfully uplifting story about a man who was very ill with covid, and his hospital room cleaner played a large part in keeping him going, encouraging him every time she came into the room, told him to keep fighting. It was a happy outcome.

  12. Lovely post, full of good things …
    Except for your wrist ...
    Hope it gets better soon.

    All the best Jan

  13. Your friend is very talented! Looking forward to your safari photos! Squirrels have never shown an interest in our hummingbird feeders, although we hang them off the edges of the front and back porches. I hope your new feeder works out, but you'd be surprised what squirrels can chew into! :-) Gorgeous butterflies!