Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Spring Lake

Sunday morning, 
we went for a walk on this brand new, beautiful pathway around Spring Lake.
There were a lot of people fishing...
it's always fun to strike up a conversation with fishermen, it usually starts with
"are you catching anything"?
The 3 boys we met first were quite friendly, they caught a fluke, and released it afterward.
They were young fishing entrepreneurs, you could not help but hang around and talk with them.
One told us that one of the others won the fishing contest the year before at the lake.
As he listened to his friend tell the story, his cheeks flushed and he had the cutest smile.

Spring Lake recently improved this pathway around the lake,
it's just beautiful!

Right away I noticed this father fishing with his daughter...

Meet Tessa!
(I'm pretty sure that was her name)
When I asked her dad if I could take her picture, she immediately struck a pose!

Pose number two!
What a sweet little girl and she was a bit of a character.
I asked her if she was catching anything and her dad said, much to his surprise, 
they did catch a fish, and they released it.
Tessa said, "it was disgusting"!

She pointed out these turtles, I may have missed them.

The hubs noticed these little ones.

This was such a great investment the town made, it was wonderful to see so many people enjoying it.

Another great day in the books!


  1. What a beautiful place! Tessa is such a cute girl☺

  2. What a pretty place and great pictures. The little girl was a cutie:)

  3. Lush, Alive, And Purely Righteous - Thank You


  4. Awww she's just a sweetie, and besides great weather and a beautiful place to spend the day, the company is wonderful for you too!

  5. THat path looks wonderful . I do think little Tessa won the day. She is cute.

  6. That area around Spring Lake is really nice. How wonderful to have somewhere like that close by! Love your pics... especially the turtles!

  7. Debbie, What a beautiful refreshing place to walk. Oh I loved the fishermen stories. Tessa is adorable. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. That is a great place for a walk and with turtles! Perfect!

  9. that does look like a great park, and a beautiful day to enjoy it too, I love to see father's out with their daughters, my hubby was always taking our daughter out on adventures. That's neat she pointed out the turtles, I love those little ones too cute!

  10. Beautiful park! It appears to be getting lots of use, too. I bet she was having fun even if she thought the fish was disgusting! LOL!

  11. That really is a lovely park and trail....love to see families outside enjoying nature (Lol even if it is sometimes a bit “disgusting”)

  12. Debbie, I am beginning to believe that you live in a Garden of Eden. This really a lovely park and a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the good weather. I loved your conversations and that little one did look like a character for sure. I loved the turtle photos too.
    Sending loving hugs your way to you two!

  13. It certainly does look a beautiful place :)
    Such cute photographs of Tessa, and the turtles too.

    All the best Jan