Thursday, July 18, 2019

The New Jersey Sand Castle Contest

Sponsored by D'Jais a bar in Belmar, New Jersey
So many people worked really hard on these, here are a few of my favorites.

D'Jai's with a beautiful Castle on top.

Sea Turtle
All of the detail work was done with blue shells.
This was my favorite!

Two Hands - I Do

Traditional Castle - Belmar

The next three were Traditional Castles




He did not finish in time and what a shame, this was very well done!


Airplane - with the hubs!


The Bikini Boys won, for the 3rd year in a row!

This was some kind of Ode to Sponge Bob, I didn't get it.
Our local news people were there...
at one point I was right next to the guy, shoulder to shoulder, but they edited that part out!

Held every year, this is always fun to attend, 
but we are in the middle of a heat wave.
It was really hot, even at the beach and I don't enjoy swimming in the ocean anymore.
But I did get a little wet,
and during that brief time, I found a piece of sea glass!

Do you have a favorite, mention it in the comments!


  1. Some of those folks are just showing off...

  2. Hello, the sand sculptures are amazing. I love the first turtle with the blue shells. All the sculptures are well done.
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend ahead.

  3. Wow, they look beautiful! What a fun event ☺

  4. Almost leaves me speechless (something that rarely happens) So much time and creativity. WOW Love these.


  5. What a lot of great sculptures! As soon as I saw the turtle with the blue shells I admired it... and I am endeared to the mermaid too. So much creativeness has gone into each one.

  6. Tons of work has gone into crafting these. Beautiful.

  7. Sand sculptures are fantastic.
    Great photos, Debbie.
    Hugs and greetings.

  8. Beautiful work. Such vision and patience.

  9. I was going to say I like the sea turtle best until I saw the Octopus...he's my favorite now! heehee! And you found some sea glass! WOW! What a great day! Love the photos!

  10. Hi there Debbie, Im glad you liked my Savannah post and the old fountain. I just love to walk around there, and to sit and enjoy a spray from the fountain! I just posted my Savannah Number 3, hope you enjoy it as well, it's an old mansion. I love your sandcastle competition pictures! Im pretty sure I've enjoyed those for at least two or three summers now maybe? I love to see all the creativity. I simply can't pick a favorite, they are all great!! I guess I like the actual sandCASTLES the best though....they get such intricate details on them, amazing! wow, your beaches are CROWDED...LOL!---I guess with it being a big event like that they would be bringing alot of people in though. And I'm so glad you found a piece of seaglass!!--your pickins have been slim lately I know. It's HOT HERE, I'M STAYING IN, HA HA LOL

  11. Somehow I missed a post yesterday....LOVE THE CUTE DUCKLINGS pictures!!

  12. Those are awesome! The detail on many of them is just incredible!

  13. Wow - the sand sculptures really are amazing - works of art, all of them.

    Hope your weather cools down soon.

    All the best Jan

  14. Do they use some kind of glue or is this all just sand? Amazing!

  15. Oh how cool, love seeing the work they do, bummer about it being so hot but nice that you found some more sea glass.
    I will have to say that my favorite has got to be the turtle with the blue shells, that is a cool pattern they did on it :)
    I do love seeing the traditional sand castle though too!

  16. Awe cute airplane! I live for these fun beach moments, as sand castles are still my go to thing at the beach. Although my building is never quite this amazing! Great captures thanks for sharing them with us.

  17. I always enjoy this adventure. I find all the sand castle art, amazing! I think my favorite were the hands.I'm just a romantic at heart.
    Blessing and hugs!