Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 293 ~

Planting the right plants in your garden really helps to attract butterflies to your yard.
My gardens have come alive this summer with a really nice variety of butterflies.
The best plant to attract a variety of butterflies is the 
One of my favorite perennial plants, not only for it's color, but because it needs little care.
It re-blooms during the summer months and multiplies from season to season.
Other good plants to plant are 
PhloxLantana, Black-Eyed Susan's and Butterfly Bush

I have been seeing a lot of Painted Ladies this year, they seem to prefer the Butterfly Bush.
Here are a few pictures I took yesterday -

Their little faces are so interesting!

- The eye spots/circles on their wings have a blue tint to them -

My, my what big eyes you have!

I only got this one picture of the wings spread open.

This is the first time I have ever seen a Common Buck-Eye in the garden,
it preferred the Coneflowers.

This one had a slit in the wing, a little wear and tear from it's adventures!

The wings are so very delicate, I am surprised they don't have more damage to them.

I see a lot of Monarchs in my gardens, they have not been as easy to photograph lately.

I have seen only a few Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and have only taken just a few pictures.

This is a Small Skipper and although it looks like a moth, 
it is in the butterfly family because it does it's flying during the day time.
I find these on all of my plants and they are super abundant.
I guess I don't take as many pictures of these because they are not as beautiful.
Shame on me - they are very easy to photograph.

I sent out a memo to all the butterflies,
 "please land on a pretty flower, those that are not dying"!
Only some butterflies got the memo and clearly not the Buck-Eyes!

- Have you been seeing a lot of butterflies in your garden this year? -

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  1. I cannot wait till Spring and Summer arrive here and the pretty butterflies too. We have ten Buddleia Bushes here so needless to say oodles of butterflies come avisiting. Enjoy your pretties while you can. Gorgeous photos, Debbie!

  2. It does indeed seems to have been a good year for butterflies, and we have had an abundance in our yard. We released another Black Swallowtail yesterday from the ones we are raising indoors. Such a handsome species!

  3. They are pretty when they land on a colorful flower! heehee! I love the Monarchs...I wonder if I ever see one of them here. We just got back from a hike and I took a photo of a pretty Gulf Fritillary. I saw a lot more than that but no photos for most! lol You take the BEST photos and I know you love your butterflies. Enjoy your day! I linked right after you today! YAY!

  4. Hello, Debbie! Your flowers and butterflies are gorgeous. You do see a nice variety of butterflies there, they love you. I think the Buckeyes are a favorite along with Monarch! All the photos are beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  5. You are such a kind soul, Debbie. Loving nature, and what it gives to you in return. Just simply beautiful!


  6. Wow! Those are amazing pictures there in your own private butterfly haven (thanks for allowing us to share)! I didn’t even notice that a couple of your flowers weren’t perfect because I was too busy gazing at the beautiful Buckeye (lovely even if apparently they can’t read )).... Gosh, coneflowers are just the perfect flower aren’t they? Beautiful color spots, low maintenance, and butterfly friendly!

  7. Thank you dear friend for sharing the types of plants that the butterflies like. We are trying to get more flowers and plants in our backyard, so I will add these to the list. I would love to see more butterflies. We see a few but not very many lately. Also, we are low on bees; which concern me.
    The photos are lovely and of course, I saved a few. I do love the faces on the wings; the eyes are incredible. Loved this one and thanks for your recent comments.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

  8. Beautiful images. I don't have a lot of butterflies around, so when I see one it is extra special.

  9. Those are outstanding photos! Beautiful butterflies!

  10. I have not seen many but I love the cornflowers and may have to get that plant :) I love how you got some great close ups to get all those details in them, I love them all, such unique markings.

  11. At the beach house last week butterflies loved the unplowed field. Beautiful photos, Debbie.

  12. Wow! stunning your flowergarden too.

  13. Debbie, I love all the wonderful pictures. Such good shots too. My daughter's house backs up to a property owned by Pioneer Seed Comapny. This year they did not mow the strip between the fields and my daughter's yard. She was complaining till I told her that the milkweed that was all fuzzy was good for the monarch butterfly...then she smiled and said "It doesn't look so bad now. " Said she had seen more Monarchs this year...that is probably why. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  14. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    My heart is all a flutter

  15. All so beautiful.
    Great photographs.

    All the best Jan