Saturday, July 6, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 290 ~

Get ready for way too many pictures of a 
Painted Lady Butterfly
In my opinion, her under wings are much prettier then when her wings are open.

And this post is as much about that pretty Butterfly Bush as it is about the butterfly.
I'll fill you in at the end...

The other day we visited our favorite specialty market Delicious Orchard.
They also sell beautiful plants and flowers for outdoors.
On the way in I spotted 4 beautiful Butterfly Bushes in a deep pretty purple, just like this one.
The hubs said, "sure" to my "whining" that I wanted one...
(I'm sure he was thinking, "great, just what we need, another plant").
But we shopped for food, got what we needed...there was no playing around on my part,
that Butterfly Bush was on my mind, and I wanted it!
We paid...out we went, 
I remembered right where they were, and OMGoodness,  all 4 were gone!
The hubs said "oh they probably just moved them" and I said "you better hope so".
When I asked the nice, very young sales person, he said...
"oooooh, we just sold those".
I said "oh, no you could not have sold all 4" and he said "yup, we did".
I was heartbroken - the plants were gorgeous, very healthy and only 25 bucks.

Long story, even longer, we went to 4 garden centers to find one,
as to repair my broken heart.
We finally found the one in the pictures, less money but not quite as full and healthy.

And who the heck buys 4 butterfly bushes, all at the same time?

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  1. Someone with a big gap in a big garden I guess.

  2. Why, I have been known to take more than one butterfly bush home with me. =) Glad you were able to find another; they are beautiful aren't they. Gorgeous photos of your butterfly and butterfly bush.

  3. Hello, Debbie! Beautiful captures of the Painted Lady butterfly. Our butterfly bushes are just starting to bloom here. I am glad you were able to find another butterfly bush! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! PS, thanks so much for leaving me a comment.

  4. Yay. You got one! So pretty too. The painted lady is gorgeous.

  5. You crack me how you have both sides of the conversations....

  6. Beautiful photos, the butterfly is gorgeous and so are the flowers. So glad you managed to find another butterfly bush.

  7. This Painted lady is beautiful from all angles. Glad you found at least one Butterfly Bush.

  8. When we pass something up and go is always gone! Just our luck! But I'm glad you found one. Your butterfly pics are beautiful! We saw some on our hike this morning but didn't get a single photo...they just wouldn't 'stand still'! lol Hugs!

  9. Oh noooo - I could feel your disappointment... but never you mind, that Butterfly Bush of yours will grow and bloom so beautifully under your care. Those unopened petals(?) look gorgeous too.

    Love your butterfly photos and, yes, I totally agree with the underside of her wings... the tracings and design are so pretty and I like how it can be translucently seen through the open wings as well.

  10. Sorry you missed your butterfly bush!

  11. LOL! I think somebody knew you wanted one. Sorry you missed out on one of those, but glad you finally found another. Beautiful photos! (P.S. - somebody you know here just got a butterfly bush for her birthday.)

  12. Under your loving care, I am sure the bush will grow and flourish.

  13. You always have such a talent in your butterfly captures! They are so beautiful!

  14. Wow what are the chances that would happen, someone is hoping for a lot of butterflies. Glad you finally found one with all your hunting, and look the butterflies are already enjoying it, and that is a beauty for sure, God has done an amazing job creating such beautiful details in them :)

  15. I do like your love for nature and especially beautiful flowers. I can just picture going through all of this to finally at least get one plant. The butterfly photos are spectacular. You get such amazing details.
    Blessings and hugs!