Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This year, not too well!!
I was off to a great start, starting inside with seeds and everything was growing beautifully.
The plants grew large and healthy inside, and were ready to be planted outdoors.
I transplanted the cucumber plant, and was getting ready to bring the tomatoes out...
then, life happened and things went "a-rye".
We weren't here to water and the tomato plants looked dead when we returned.
I had faith, I watered them and they came back to life, kind of.

I planted them outside, 2, and much to my surprise, 
they are doing pretty well.

This pot of dill is for my next batch of caterpillars.

A groundhog is enjoying that mighty fine cucumber plant,
so there will be no cucumbers this year...
not for us anyway!

I have a lot of flowers blooming right now...




Brown Eyed Susans


This is the Butterfly Bush I bought last year.
I have been keeping up with deadheading the spent blooms,
and it keeps re-blooming.

We've been keeping cool in the pool, enjoying the lazy days of summer.


  1. In terms of the garden, I think we have just been providing a salad bar for the rabbits that seem to have had an especially prolific year.

  2. You may get some tomatoes yet. So the groundhog comes up on the deck? LOL! The flowers are gorgeous! Lots of great color!

    1. yes brian...right up on the deck, plops his butt in front of the cucumber plant and munches away. i must get a picture!!

  3. Your pool looks lovely right now.

  4. Hello Debbie, I love your flowers, the hydrangea is beautiful. Your pool does look inviting, it is going to be a hot humid week.
    Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!

  5. Lots of pretty things in your post but I'm still at...or in...the pool! What a beautiful pool with an amazing view! I'll be right over!

  6. ahhhh, I wish I had that much color in my yard.

  7. Beautiful garden and beautiful flowers. The pool looks relaxing.

  8. Your garden, yard and pool are just beautiful, tended with great love.

  9. I didn't know you put in a pool! Its so beautiful. Your flowers are wonderful this year. My cucumbers aren't doing well either. I love all of your dill.
    I wish I could send you some tomatoes.
    I always enjoy seeing how your garden grow. Have a nice week Debbie.

  10. Such a great garden. Lucky you with that pool.

  11. Everything looks so pretty! We’re about to leave for the country and will be gone long enough for everything to die! Louis Dean decided to give up on trying to keep his cucumbers going. Hope the ones at the ranch are yielding! I intend to pay the next door neighbor’s daughter to water the front for us. We haven’t had to water the grass much this year but the flowers need it!

  12. Your flowers are certainly making up for the lack of vegetables.

  13. Nice pool! We have three tomato plants in pots whicch look about the same.

  14. Your pool looks refreshing.
    Sorry to hear about your tomatoes and cucumbers

  15. sounds like what happens to me when we go away, you have to pray for rain while you are gone. Those critters are just excited that we plant these veggies just for them .... uggghhh! Your flowers are doing beautiful and lush. That pool looks fabulous right about now, our temps are supposed to be in the 100's next few days with the heat index.

  16. Debbie - if this is what your garden looks like when it is not doing well, I faint to think what a GOOD summer looks like! And any "pains" you might have would be quickly soaked away in that pool. WOW!

  17. It seems as though everything is rebounding well - except maybe the cucumber (darned groundhogs!) and wow - I cant wait till my coneflowers spread like yours. This weekend is supposed to be a scorcher - I’ll be thinking of your pool!

  18. I love that your tomatoes are growing well now. Had a chuckle at the cucumber-munching visitor.
    Your flower garden is gorgeous Debbie and how welcome and refreshing it must be as you enjoy your lovely pool. Cheers :D)

  19. Your flowers are lovely, great colours.
    Your pool looks very inviting, I'll just grab my swimming things and be over! Oh I wish …

    All the best Jan

  20. You pool looks so fun. We had one when we lived in Las Vegas and of course, loved it. I of course, saved your flower photos. I loved them all.
    I do hope your patio garden does well. Our life is never what it should be for gardening; maybe someday. You are an inspiration in this area. Sorry about the little critter into your cucumbers; dang!
    Blessings and hugs!