Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Pool Party

Yesterday, I had a pool party for my girls.
And as all my pool parties go, we had a storm, a big one!
The hubs said it was going to rain...I said "no way".
And do you know why I said that, 
because I think I can will everything to be just the way I want it.

Look at those girls, are they not the cutest you have ever seen.
Sisters, cousins...I have never seen so much love.
And please look at that sky in the background,
 BLUE, with one fair weather cloud.

After a couple of hours, at least we got to eat lunch,
this happened and the girls were so excited.

Cheering and clapping,
catching raindrops on their tongue!

It quickly turned to this and it down poured, I mean it came down in buckets.
Everyone ran for the house and we had desert inside.
What a bummer, I was so disappointed but the kids seemed thrilled.
Apparently it was on their summer bucket list to swim in the rain.
I sent them home with 2 chrysalis, I hope they emerge soon, 
as I'm not sure Lorelei will be able to wait.
I sure hope she doesn't try to cut them open when no one is looking.

And getting back to the summer bucket list,
I honestly think Addie & Lorelei's mother Deanna is my daughter, 
she and I are twins, in almost every way possible.
Except, she is funnier than I!

and a ps here in case you have heard, this storm was a really bad one. 
70 mile per hour winds, trees down everywhere
and most people do not have power.
We lost our power briefly, but for the most part have been very lucky.
Our major just gave a speech on Facebook, 41% of our town is without power.
As I browsed the internet, I was shocked at the amount of damage New Jersey sustained.
A sure reminder of Super Storm Sandy as it is reported that people will be without power for days!

What in the world, did mother nature know I was having the kids over to swim??


  1. I had no idea it was that bad!

  2. Hello, I am glad the girls had fun at the pool party. They are so cute. Sorry about the rain, we had a similar storm here too.
    I hope you are doing well today, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t have any damage Debbie. It must have been lots of fun with the girls though.

  4. To swim in the rain like that would've been super fun for the sweet children, you can see the delight on their faces.
    It did turn into an awful storm though.
    What a thrill for them to have their very own butterfly opening - a future butterfly whisperer I'm sure. She'll wait xx

  5. I hate to sound like a curmudgeon, but unless we get greenhouse gases under control VERY quickly, storms in the near future will make Super Storm Sandy seem like a gentle breeze. There is not a serious climate scientist on the planet who disputes the evidence for this.

  6. It sure looks like the girls had so much fun, wonderful photographs.

    Sorry to read about the very bad storm and loss of power that many are experiencing.
    Stay safe.

    All the best Jan

  7. Swimming in the rain looks like fun, but not a serious storm. Looks like you made the best of the situation.

  8. Debbie - glad everyone was safe and that your power was restored fairly quickly. Swimming in the rain can be great fun (as long as there's no lightning around!)

  9. Those photos of your precious girls are adorable. I love it when cousins love being together. I can just see the joy in their faces when the rain came and they could taste it.
    I'm happy you were all safe and didn't have long term power outage. Mother Nature continues to busy in so many areas of the country. Hope your moment is over.
    Sending loving thoughts, prayers, and hugs!

  10. Swimming and running under the rain is too funny!
    Glad that the girls had fun in the pool.
    Great photos.

  11. The kids obviously had a blast before and during the rain! I remember swimming in the rain when I was growing up...as long as there wasn't any lightning. Glad you didn't have any damage at your place as it sounds like you easily could have.

  12. Awww, those sweet little's. I know you love them so very much.

    I'm glad they got to swim at least for a while, and love, love the raindrops picture. They sure had fun

    So glad y'all were saved from that vicious storm, Debbie.


  13. It looks like it was a fabulous pool part even with the rain. I didn’t realize it had been such a bad storm in your area.

  14. i love it. when i was a young kid ... swimming when it did rain was the best. those were the best days ever!! i remember the life guards yelling out of the pool .. if they heard thunder ... better to be safe. great memories. love it when u share your life and family. ( ;

  15. Glad you all had fun even with all the bad weather that came through, I did hear about storms that had gone through there, glad you weren't out for long.