Friday, December 7, 2018

Longwood Gardens At Night

We stayed until dark at Longwood Gardens,
we wanted to see inside the Conservatory at nighttime.
It was magical!

We also wanted to see all of the outdoor Christmas lights.

Wildlife Christmas Tree 
made from lighted birdhouses. 

Gardener's Tree

Hanging Orbs Light Display

Christmas Tree Walkway

This is one of the most beautiful places we visit,
I recommend it to every one!


  1. Incredible!

    I wonder who first had the idea of decorating a tree with lights. It really is stunning. I've read it comes from a pagan custom, but I have not seen anyone who does it except at Christmas. I know, I know I could google... ha ha :D ...but that might spoil the awe.

  2. Hello, Debbie, it is a gorgeous place at night. The Christmas trees are all lovely. Lovely collection of photos. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  3. Oh my so many wonderful decorated trees but the bird house is amazing, who would have thought to do that. Love the orbs too. What a winter wonder land.

  4. Goodness, Debbie, simply gorgeous each and every one. Can you imagine how many long hours and hard work it takes every year? All these put a song in my heart. :)


  5. That birdhouse tree!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

  6. I would go if I lived closer. What a sight to see. I am so glad you and Chuck stayed late to see it.

  7. Incredibly beautiful...I would love to visit. Between this and the daytime post previously, I am waiting for this garden to ask you if they can use your photos in their publicity.they are certainly that good and more!

  8. OMG!
    it is wonderful.
    Debbie, your photos are beautiful.
    Hugs and greetings.

  9. Such a beautiful place - it's extra amazing at night :D)

  10. Wow, it looks perfect for Christmas

  11. These are stunning Christmas photos. What a lovely place to visit. I especially like the one with the two of you. The outside trees are spectacular and unique too.
    How fun to make these kinds of Christmas visits.
    Sending happy thoughts and hugs!

  12. It was really worth the wait, Debbie!

  13. I cannot even imagine how much work it takes to put up all of these lights. What a spectacular display!

  14. So many beautiful trees, with their own style, and that birdhouse tree is incredible. Imagine being a bird and seeing/using it!

  15. Those are some gorgeous lights! The birdhouse tree is very cool!