Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just Add Ice

Do you remember my "Just Add Ice Orchid"?
 I always kept you abreast of it's progress, writing about it hereherehere and here.
I am sad to report that the Just Add Ice Orchid is no more,
and I was certainly sad to see it go.

It was quickly replaced with this bigger better Orchid, of the same color, 
because let's face it, purple is my favorite color and no other color would do.

I purchased this Orchid at my favorite farm market, I had a 20% off coupon, so it was reasonable.
After doing a little research, I will raise this orchid in the same way as the other 
as it seems Orchids require little water and they love their drinks cold!

And as you can see in the first picture, 
my basil is out of control...
note to self, I must cook something wonderful, requiring lot's of fresh basil.
My Cyclamen is also in bloom, sporting 1 flower and 1 bud...I am super excited about those too!


  1. The new one is beautiful, too! Good thing the previous orchid can't hear you say bigger and better. ;-) You'd better get on that basil - I'm sure you can figure out something to use it in!

  2. It's a very pretty orchid. I've never had luck with those. And do I see pesto in your future? Maybe.

  3. aww. sorry the first is a goner. this is a beauty, too.

    and i'm always in the market for dried basil. :)

  4. Hello, Debbie. your orchid is beautiful. I would not even dare to grow one, my thumbs are not green. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  5. Very pretty! If I had blooms in my house, I would want them to be that color - sooooo cheerful!

  6. So sad your ice orchid is no more but you have replaced it with a real stunner!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  7. Oh Debbie, I am sorry about your orchid.
    Your replacement sure is beautiful, and look at all the blooms on it!

    Hmmmmmm, I'm thinking pesto, with all of that basil. I make lots of it at the end of the basil season, and then freeze it in small containers to use throughout the year.


  8. awww well, I'm glad you got another one and it's gorgeous!

  9. Sad to read you lost an orchid ... but the replacement does look wonderful, and what a brilliant colour.

    Enjoy using your lovely basil!

    All the best Jan

  10. I lost my one and only orchid my daughter in law gave me earlier this year. It hit the floor after a few munchkins were horsing around and it was history in one fatal fall! Very sad. I have to get another one too!

  11. I have never heard of ice orchids?---what are they? Your new purple one is gorgeous!

  12. My Ice Orchid has 3 new leaves, but hasn't bloomed in a year.

  13. my gosh, some people have houseplants. Other -- more talented -- people grow orchids. Wow! I am impressed that you are able to keep these exotics going for any length of time at all. And, yes, can't imagine you buying one in any other color. They are beautiful.

  14. I got my purple fix for the day. thank you. It's beautiful.

  15. Lovely orchid. The colour is very pretty.

  16. The Orchid is beautifully; I like purple too. Believe it or not; my sweet daughter bought a basil plant and now I have fresh basil; amazing. I need to find something to make with it too. Maybe, I will have to look into see if I can grow an Orchid too.
    Blessings and hugs~~

  17. Orchids are so pretty but I do think they require a lot of work to keep them looking beautiful. How did I know you'd pick purple for a favorite.