Monday, October 17, 2016

Sandcastles at the Shore

Here at the Jersey Shore, we take our sand castle building pretty seriously!
This past weekend, world record holder 
Ed Jarrett was at it again.
This time on the site of Laurita Winery, Ed Jarrett was beginning his next attempt at his 
5th world record for the tallest sand castle in the world.

The sand castle will be built under this protection.
Today, people attending were able to participate in a Sand Bucket Brigade,
laying the foundation for the next sand castle.
The building of the castle will begin sometime in March 2017,
with a completion date sometime in July 2017,
depending on weather!

Ed Jarrett was working on this Halloween themed sand sculpture.



and some mummies on the side!

These drones were also buzzing around...some kind of drone demonstration/race.
I don't know why they don't just call it what it is...
"boys playing with toys"


  1. Wow - he sure is talented. I can't even imagine doing something that clever. :)

    Yep - boys! LOL


  2. An amazing feet of creativity, and an interesting event that I would love to see. Isn't that the truth!!! Boys and toys! :))

    I admire the talent sand sculptor.
    Greetings from Poland.

  4. and playing in sand isn't boys playing lol

  5. Hello, the sand sculpture is cool. I agree boys like their toys! Happy Monday, have a great week!

  6. Now that is SO cool!
    I don't like drones. :-(

  7. Fabulous sand artistry. I don't know much about drones, but that sky is gorgeous! Have a wonderful week!

  8. A real work of art, lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  9. I just adore sand castles and this is wonderful!

  10. i understand the idea or thoughts behind drones but i don't enjoy listening to them. so loud. but the pics they get are neat. ( :
    what a cool pumpkin. great for the fall time of the year. nice!

  11. Very impressive! My sand sculpting consisted of turning plastic pails filled with sand upside down. LOL!

  12. Wow! This is very serious stuff! I love the sand sculpture. The best I've ever been able to do is a few buckets of sand with a very cool moat around them.

  13. Sand castles are one thing we don't have around here.

  14. looks like that took a lot of work

  15. Wow, that is an amazing sand castle! I can't imagine having the patience to work on something like this. Sand can't be that easy to work with. Yes, boys do like their toys. My husband has a few things that he really enjoys doing.
    Blessings and hugs!

  16. great capture on the flying drone! I can never get them......too fast for me! I love the fascinating sand to watch those be created. I have some knitting and crocheting on the blog up today, you just might like it!

  17. Fascinating! I've seen a small sand castle competition (in a mall of all places) but I've never seen anything this big!

  18. Man that is so cool. I'd love to see them up close like that.