Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Add Ice...

Who remembers my "Just Add Ice" Orchid?
I first wrote about my new plant here on November 11, 2012
And again here on January 9, 2014.
Purchased on the cheap at my local food store,
the instructions were clear...
"Add 3 ice cubes once per week, and this baby will live forever"
Well, not exactly that, but that's what I would have written.
So after more then 2 years, not only is this baby alive, it's thriving.

This winter, she grew a new spout, that's getting ready to bloom.
It looks like I will be getting 5 new flowers.
One of the 2 original stems has 3 flowers right now.

I just love the color.
The plant came with 2 healthy shoots.
The one, that now has 3 flowers is doing very well, as you can see.
But the other original one became dormant.
I did a little reading and determined it was time to cut it back.
That was the right choice as it allowed the plant to nourish
and devote energy to the new stem.
I have read this is a wonderful way to care for all orchids.
they don't like a lot of water and when they are watered,
they like the cold.
3 ice cubes, once a's all they need to be healthy and beautiful!!


  1. Well I may buy another one and try the 'ice' method as I am very good at killing Orchids!

  2. It sounds too simple but the results are magnificent.

  3. WOWZA! Who knew?
    :) m & jb (who says she m i g h t want to pat it just a little)

  4. They are beautiful flowers! Thanks for the tip! Have a happy day!

  5. Hmm. I just might have to try this. I've never had luck with orchids.

  6. you've almost got me ready to go buy a couple. They are beautiful.

  7. That is a lovely colour!!! And I am amazed at how well it is doing!!! I don't remember you posting any other house plants, so I am guessing that you have problems with them...

  8. So beautiful! My mom has an orchard that she's been giving three cubes of ice to for several years and it's doing well. It's about the color of yours!

  9. They're a real miracle, aren't they! How beautiful.

  10. loved your version of the instructions. and you like that color? would have never known! ;)

  11. I do remember! Wow how wonderful. It's truly a lovely shade too!

  12. I picked up an orchid at the grocer and I wish you had written the care instructions. I was pretty proud of myself for keeping it alive for, as I recall, about a year - at least 6 months and then poof! I might try again. This one is very pretty.

  13. Well you have done a great job with it.

  14. That's gorgeous. Does it have a real name? I used to have tons of plants in my classroom, but when I started keeping them here, they didn't do well.

  15. I did not know they liked cold.

  16. Woowww...Precious will flourish again, Debbie !!

  17. Beautiful flowers.You must be giving it the right care to flourish like that.

  18. These are beautiful! Three ice cubes a week. Simple enough. Don't you think we sometimes make things more difficult than they have to be? I do. Your simple treatment of these orchids and your loving spirit made these babies bloom! :-)

  19. These are gorgeous! I love the color too! Ice to orchids? I've never heard of this, but it must work.

  20. The next orchid I find will be mine and
    then I'll give it a try with the ice cubes.
    People always tell me they are easy
    to handle, but I'm only good at killing
    them :) Hope, this will change now!

  21. Orchids are beautiful. I admire them when I'm in the garden center. I'd never heard that about using ice.

  22. Oh this post is amazing. I loved learning about how you care for these beautiful Orchids. The colors are so lovely. I am truly fascinated with nature. That is one of the many reasons I love your blog.
    Blessings for these fantastic photos and thoughts!

  23. This makes me want an orchid. I do not claim to have a green thumb by any means, but orchids sound pretty low maintenance from what you've written here and they are such a beautiful flower.

  24. Stunning! 3 ice cubes a week sounds like something perhaps even I could do! They are very beautiful; great job raising them.