Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ringing In The New Year!!

I kind of skipped over New Years here on the blog...
the last two weeks around here have been a bit of a blur.
But we did "ring" in the New Year,
 here in Seaside Heights

 I read on Facebook they were having fireworks, at 5 pm,
nice and early, ohhhh that works for me I thought.
We had supper out and headed to Seaside Heights, only a 20 minute ride!!

 When we arrived, the ocean was as still as a lake...
and as always, looked peaceful and beautiful!

 Lucky Leo's was open...

 and there were just the right amount of children playing
and people waiting for the fireworks show.

 I like Arcade Games, but Lucky Leo's was packed,

 so we opted to wait outside in the cool, crisp air.

It was so worth it and I was so glad we went.
The fireworks display was spectacular!
And at midnight we celebrated in our traditional style,
in bed, asleep!


  1. Hi Debbie, I have not heard of Seaside Heights. Looks like a great family spot on the shore.. The fireworks are pretty, great captures! 5pm would be a perfect time for me too. I was asleep at midnight too. Have a happy Sunday and week ahead!

  2. Oh, Debbie!
    It is for such a little freezing the beautiful fireworks.
    Great photos !!!!!
    Greetings from Polish.

  3. What a fun idea to see fireworks so early in the evening!

  4. Hope that your feathered friends did enjoy the fireworks too.

    Oh, did you bring them along?

    Happy 2015.

  5. Happy New Year to you! You got some beautiful photos of the fireworks. I'm looking forward to another year of your wonderful blog.

  6. GREAT Shots ! Love that photo in you of the parka .lol
    Glad you enjoyed yourself in the crisp cool air :)
    Happy New Year

  7. It sounds like a perfect way to ring in the new year. What a fun place indeed.

  8. That looks like a chilly wait, but worth it!!!

  9. love the views of the jersey shore you share! so nice to see the 'old-timey' things still around.:) great way to view fireworks and not have to wait up for them! we had neighbors shooting them off - some early. some at midnight.

  10. I love your coat. It looks like a wonderful time there. I never even woke up.
    I heard the fireworks were going crazy too.
    I think that looks like a great place to visit.

  11. haha! It is a red-letter day when we make it to midnight, especially with one of the heart medicines my husband takes that knocks him out in 40 minutes or less. This year was oddly without the regular neighborhood fireworks, guess they either moved or decided to party elsewhere.

    Happy New Years Debbie - it looks like a fun way to ring in the new year and being earlier in the evening - a win/win.

  12. Hi Debbie The fireworks were great and worth waiting for even it did look very cold

  13. What a fun evening, Debbie, and like you, I was sound asleep at midnight! :-)

  14. Beautiful ... It was worth it, Debbie, thanks for sharing your joy.

  15. I could hear the fireworks at Penns Landing in the Delaware River, but I was too cold to go outside and look. Like you, I went to bed early this year.

  16. What a perfect New Year's celebration!!!

  17. Awesome shots of the fireworks! They look fun to see! The 4th of July is my family's tradition firework stalking day. We live in the country surrounded by little towns, and it's hard to keep track of which towns are having fireworks and when, so we drive around and watch the fireworks from the surrounding towns from the road.

    Since the sale of fireworks is illegal in Iowa except for to towns and other groups with permits, it's a flourishing business around that time of year across the border in Missouri where there are lots of billboards advertising them and plenty for sale.

  18. Beautiful ocean and fire work shots! =0)

  19. Beautiful fireworks, and ocean. And, you look so darn cute! :)


  20. Beautiful pictures. I usually sleep the new year in as well.

  21. I like the idea of early fireworks, although I'm usually up at midnight on new years. Enjoy Longwood, it's always spectacular!

  22. That's awesome! Gorgeous photos of both the ocean and fireworks!

  23. When Dina and I married...she LOVED fireworks. Since, with our multi generations of pups...she hates them for what it does to the dogs. I'm glad our Lab isn't bothered. And our other two learned from her they weren't so bad. But my GSD, who I lost in 2002, would immediately find a corner to throw up when the fireworks began.

  24. Oh I love Winter fireworks!!! I love how early they are. Happy New Year!!!!!

  25. So glad you shared these, your photos are fantastic!

  26. Wow what a great place to enjoy fireworks. I spent 4th of July one year watching fireworks on the OR coast and that was amazing but doing it in the dead of winter is a bit different. You bundled up well and the Fireworks looks quite pretty.