Monday, January 5, 2015

Creating ICE!!!

Back in December,
when we went to ICE we were able to watch the exact process
the craftsman use to carve the ice.
It was fascinating and I never had the opportunity to
share the pictures I had taken!!

So all the carving and behind the scenes work happens here...
in The Parts Department
The carvers work with actual blue prints...

a few were on display.
You can't imagine how detailed these are unless you see them,
really amazing stuff.

It was fascinating to watch the artists at work...

this area is new to the display,

and I really enjoyed it!!

The soldier on the left is half way done, the one on the right, completed.

 The workmanship and attention to detail is fascinating!!

December 5, 2014


  1. Hi there! I just found your sweet blog and wanted to say Hey! I love the ice artists, that's so cool, literally! :0)

  2. The detail is amazing! And it is neat to be able to watch the artists at work.. Great shots, thanks for sharing.. Happy Monday!

  3. Cool!!! I have seen the ice carvers at Winterlude, but they do not go into this level of production, and they don't have colours!!

  4. I love peeking behind the scenes at things like this - things we couldn't imagine doing ourselves...but we get to watch folks work their magic a little bit at a time. My dad - he's an architect - used to build models of homes, do the blue prints then actually build them. I loved watching the whole process over and over while I was growing up!

  5. Wow, how fantastic! I am always cold so I couldn't imagine working with ice all day :) Happy Monday, Debbie!

  6. I do not like winter.

    That's what I see in your photos is fantastic !!!!
    Have a great week.
    Greetings from Polish.

  7. Incredible!! I can't imagine putting so much time into anything that would melt and disappear so quickly, though. It takes a special kind of person to create ice sculptures.

  8. Where is this amazing place, Debbie? I have a grandson in New York that would love this. Is it close to the city?

  9. Absolutely fascinating! Reminds me of the work put into sand sculptures -- all that work for such a short time! These are really beautiful.

  10. that's cool! glad they incorporated the work into the display!

  11. Gee whiz you do the best stuff! This rocks!

  12. I think that is just amazing. I have always wanted to see that.

  13. Amazing work indeed and I can only imagine how awesome that Christmas teddy bear must have looked. At first glimpse that clock looks like a little ornament but, with the aboriginal ice carver next to it sure give changes that perception. lol

  14. These are truly such amazing works of art, Debbie!
    Thank you for sharing them here.

  15. Fascinating and SO amazing. I loved seeing this.
    Thank YOU! :)

  16. Wow! That's awesome! Lots of skill and probably little room for error.

  17. That is so awesome. It is so amazing to learn what really goes on in making Ice Sculptures. It would take a lot of skill. Love the pictures!
    Blessings for you!

  18. Very cool (and cold)! I didn realize they were carved like that.

  19. That would be fascinating indeed. It's incredible how much work, and skill, goes into the carvings. So interesting to see your photos :D)

  20. That's so fascinating! Pretty too.