Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gaylord National ~ ICE!!!

Every Christmas Season, we hop in the four wheel drive sled,
destination...Washington, D.C.
to see
This year ICE featured the story of
Frosty the Snowman
Carved from over two million pounds of ice,
this amazing walk-thru winter attraction
brings Frosty's story to life...
It's 9 degrees in here,
so grab your blue parker, you are going to need it...
and let's have some fun!!

Was there a slide, you ask??

Of course there was a slide...and YeP, I slid it.

The hubs did also!!! 

This really is one of the best trips we take all year.
ICE at Gaylord National, you should go!!
December 5, 2014


  1. Looks like a neat but very cold place to visit! The slide looks like fun!

  2. What fun, you two look like two kids enjoying the slide.. :)

    Love the Frosty ice carvings.. It is a wonderful display! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing your trip! Happy Sunday!

  3. That amazes me how they can make all of that out of ice.

  4. really cute displays - the best being the slide, of course! :)

    i liked the giant snowflakes, myself. :)

  5. I would go every year too. It looks like so much fun. I love those photos today.

  6. Wow, how fun! That's quite impressive! The slide is pretty darn cool!

  7. Oh my Gosh!!! What a beautiful place to see! Thank you Debbie for sharing these photos with us, that place is amazing. Your photos take me to places I would never see if I hadn't met you here in blogland! I am going to look at them several times today, show them to thehubs, big brother, and anyone else that happens into my life today! xxDazee

  8. ♪♬° ·.Parque divertido, fotos alegres!!!

    Ótimo domingo!!!
    Beijinhos do Brasil. ♪♬°

  9. What a wonderful way to spend and evening. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures.

  10. How much fun this must be, and you two are just adorable!

  11. This is an amazing place and a wonderful holiday tradition! Love that you did the slide.

  12. Oh I LOVE going on these trips with you two. I had a great time:) Hug B

  13. That slide does look like a lot of fun! What a fun place to visit!

  14. That really does look like a fun place to visit. Love the pics. :)

  15. Oh Debbie, this is the best ever. I love the photos you took. What a wonderful place to be visit. I think the slide pictures are the cutest ever.
    Blessings for some big smiles today.

  16. You two are so cute! The ice carvings are spectacular! I would have taken that slide, too.

    Now my teeth are chattering from the cold! :-)

  17. I took the grand boys to see it last week. So fun to see the wonder in their eyes. And yes, I went on the slide too.

  18. ♥ I absolutely love it what an awesome job the ice sculptures did and awesome photo shots as well I just loved it awesome blog my friend.

    Also one of my favorite shows as well a little something I don't think I will never ever grow out of. ♥

    Happy Mono Monday

  19. Oh Debbie, how was beautiful.
    Is not it a dream?
    It had to be a fantastic event.
    Thank you for showing us baśnoiowy, enchanted world.

  20. Too much fun!!! Even for a warm-weather lover like me, that looks like an absolute ball!

  21. I came over to say hi from Dazeez' blog. Brrr, this looks like great fun. I like the ice staircase.

  22. Ah-HA! You frolic and play the Eskimo way in your Winter Wonderland!

  23. Here from Dazeez; blog...
    You and your hubby look like you are having so much fun...I am so so glad you did.
    Your photos are amazing and I love the whole post.
    xo bj