Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Snow Day!!

On Monday, it snowed!!
As you all know, I love when it snows...
This was the perfect snow as
it was extraordinarily beautiful and required zero clean up!
As I mentioned yesterday, I spent a good part of the day
hanging out the window, taking pictures of the birds.

 Female House Finch...looking a little chubby

Male House Finch...looking just as chubby

 I call them snowbirds

and this Female House Finch
Now I believe this is one smart bird.
I think she could feel the heat from the house coming out of the open window,
and sat right there to get warm.
She was no more then four feet away from my lens.
She has not been blessed with beautiful colors and yet...
what a beauty she is, even without the tip-top of her head.

I did not see one Blue Jay or Cardinal on Monday.
As a matter of fact, most of my regulars were a no-show for the snow.
 But the finches were plentiful and swarmed the feeders.

So how about you guys?? How many of my readers are birdies?? 


  1. Good morning Debbie! I love your photos, I can see the tiny details and colors of each bird and thank you for telling me their names. We have several bird feeders that we fill with corn chops. The birds empty them daily so thehubs is busy each evening filling them up. This morning we have only two geese in the pond but we are thinking about getting some ducks this summer. Have an awesome day my friend! xxDazee

  2. I love them all! At first, I was thinking they had "puffed" out their feathers trying to stay warm.

    So glad you could get up close and personal; they're beautiful. :)


  3. I love chickadees and that male house finch is so pretty! I feed the birds in the winter. We get cardinals, bluejays, chickadees, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers, (those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head). Love watching the birds!

  4. how cute that you shared the heat with mrs. finch! such great shots. :)

    i have about 100 whistlers squabbling outside my window most mornings, now. can hardly think, sometimes!

  5. Beautiful birds! I'm glad they're getting plenty of food. I love birds, but I've never learned the names of many of them. I should though.

  6. Oh, lucky you, Debbie! I wish it would snow here, but instead we are getting Spring-like weather which is very unusual. I will just enjoy your pretty snow pictures :)

    The birds are simply lovely and have put a smile upon my face. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and blessings!

  7. Oh my gosh, winter moments (so lovely) and tweet music, just wonderful!

  8. Your photographs of the snow and birds are so beautiful and detailed Debbie. Thank you for sharing these wonderful captures!

  9. Oh, I love fluffa-chubba-puffa birdies in the snow!

  10. Beautiful photo shots of the birds just so adorable and lucky you I think it takes great skills and patients to get those shots of those speedy birds.

    It's been quiet here and probably because we've been getting a lot of high winds and rain not giving them little guys much to go on when it comes to flight unless they want to get blown away.

    Happy Wordless Wednesday my friend!

  11. Love the bird pictures they are so pretty definitely one of Gods masterpieces.

  12. I love the bird and feed them all year. I agree that a female House Finch is as pretty as the male,even with the more subdued color.

  13. Hi Debbie, we missed this snow. It was mostly rain here.. I love all your cute birds.. Great shots!

  14. Lovely shots Debbie, you know I wish I could say I was a birder. I mean I watch them and have them follow me around but not like I think a real one would be, I feel like someday I will be a real one. :)

  15. These are beautiful! I bet she could feel the heat, too. Snow makes such a great background!

    You know me...I hate birds. ;-)

  16. They do look quite different all fluffed up against the cold. Nice of you to share your warm air with the cute little finch.

  17. Happy Snow day to you:)....we up north...we still have crows...but thats about it...but down south I LOVE my Hummingbirds!!!

  18. Oh yes--I am. I even purposefully have set up my feeding station so I can see it from the comfort of my living room recliner. I'm a birder--a lazy one, but still........

  19. I miss the birds at the feeder, but with the stray cats calling the back area their home (keeping them safe inside the fence from other wild animals) it would not be fair game for the birds to put feed out for them in arms/paw reach of the cats.

    These chubby little birds are cute.

  20. Beautiful photos of the birds! I'm not a determined birder, but I do enjoy catching shots of them when I can.

  21. three gorgeous birds especially in the snow. I am not a birdie but a birder!

  22. Beautiful photos! I saw a couple of male cardinals in my backyard the other day, and they looked so much redder than they do in the summer. I wondered if it was just my imagination or if they really do look brighter in the winter.

  23. Handsome birds !!! Here too we already winter.

  24. Spending a day at the window with the camera and binoculars, my favorite kind of day.