Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 5 Dollar Chicken!!

We interrupt the "Holiday Happenings"
to once again talk about Costco's five dollar chicken!!
I know we have done this before, but humor me please,
I am sure I could feed a small village on "one" of those chickens.
Night One...We enjoyed hot, fresh, sliced chicken,
with stuffing and mashed potatoes.
I did not make a vegetable, I only have so much room in my belly,
and I'm not giving up any of that space for a vegetable.
I did not take a picture, it was good but not the stuff pictures are made of.
Night Two...Chicken Pot Pie
I have never made one before,
I found this recipe but did not have all the ingredients.
I became Martha Stewart and this one I photographed.
Chicken Pot Pie, On The Fly!!

You will have to look closely for the ingredient line-up...
I don't even remember what I put in!
Chicken, cubed potatoes, carrots, celery and corn,
and chicken stock of course.
I did not have an onion so I used Mrs. Dash Onion & Herb Seasoning
and that really pumped up the flavor.

If you don't see it in the pot,
perhaps a look at the kitchen counter will clue you in.
I did not have corn, per say...
so I used frozen green giant white corn and just through that in,
sauce and all.
No milk, so I used heavy cream, that can't hurt, right.
When all was said and done, it looked like this.

I used a refrigerated pie crust, easy-peasy and it was delish. 

Now here's the real kicker,
can you believe it ended up filling 2 pie dishes?!

 We ate three quarters of this one and I froze the other one.

so if you are counting with me,
this chicken produced three meals for five dollars.
All I can say is WoW!!
This was really yummy...comfort food at it's finest!!


  1. the pie looks really good! glad it came out!

    (the one photo looks super huge but the others are normal).

  2. Yummmmmmm.... that looks delicious I almost licked my screen! Back when my daughter was little, she used to ask me "just how many times can we eat a chicken momma?" We still laugh about it. This is a great way to stretch a dollar and eat up all of those leftovers. Debbie your photos are always look so real, I thought I could smell it baking! xxJackie

  3. Oh my hungry tummy, and I wasn't even hungry until now! WooHoo you are better than Martha! Hands down!

  4. You are moving past Martha Stewart! The pies look beautiful and I bet they smelled and tasted delish!

  5. Oh Debbie !!!!!!
    I am very hungry. Your food looks delicious.

  6. Aren't you being the economy queen for the day? I would say so. Three meals for 5 dollars. That gives me inspiration. And, that pie looked so yummy. Hurry up and take it out of the freezer... I may just stop by. hehe

  7. I bet it was wonderful and I love how you got so many meals out of the five dollar chicken.
    Your pot pies are wonderful. I always enjoy when you have been cooking.

  8. I'll bet you wish you had bought 2 or 3 of those "Sumo" chickens. :-}

  9. We love chicken pot pie, and yours look wonderful.
    Wonder woman? That's you! :)

  10. Gorgeous pot pie. Your photos are soooo delicious ;D)
    Isn't it good to get cheaper chickens (we call them cooked chooks over here, lol). Ours happen on a Tuesday for $8 and, like you, we have fun seeing how many meals can be produced from one.
    Now, as I'm always trailing behind... I must go back a bit and see what you've been up to. Hugs xx

  11. Awesome, love the idea and will keep your recipe in mind thank you so much for sharing my friend. =0)

  12. Me ha encantado tu post, tienes cosas muy interesantes, felicidades por tu bloc. Te invito a visitar el mio, esta semana ponemos espíritu navideño en el exterior, espero que te guste. Ah! Si no eres seguidora deseo que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.Te espero en

  13. Debbie, your pot pie looks delicious and easy too.. Thanks for sharing the recipe.. Enjoy your evening!

  14. Ha! This came just in time, I bought my chicken at CostCo's and it has been in the house now for an hour. Thanks for the yummyiness. I am going to enjoy making this recipe.

  15. Way to stretch a dollar the very tastiest way:) Hug B

  16. Wow! Those look great! I love pot pies!

  17. Yum- one of these days I am going to try to make a pot pie..I haven't yet and I don't know why-- I love them! Great stretch for that 5 dollar bird!!

  18. Aw w, great comfort food on this one. I love getting those Costco chickens; so I am going to try these ideas. I loved that it was a good money saver. The photos of your creative cooking were awesome.
    I loved your thought Chicken pie on the fly. You are a true poet. Blessings for sharing the ideas.

  19. That looks delicious! Chicken pot pie is a wonderful food.