Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Day At The Beach!!

The air was warm yesterday at the Jersey Shore, with a high of 55 degrees
one destination comes to mind, the beach.

All the news papers were buzzing about a seal, 
sunning himself on the beach in Ocean Grove,
so stopping there was a must.

The first stop was Barlows Garden Center,
I adore seeing flowers in winter,
those pictures I will share tomorrow.
We went to the Scone Pony Bake Shop which was closed.
Can you believe it, the nerve of those people taking a winter break.
hehehehe, they definitely earned it.
Spring Lake Beach and then Ocean Grove to see the seal.

The Ocean was angry and the surf was up, 
there were so many surfers in the water enjoying the waves.

The seal in Ocean Grove was gone, all I got to see was one of the local's picture.
He was cute and looked like a small one.
I was a day late, the guys hanging around on the boardwalk said he
was there yesterday, gone today.

Last stop, Confections of a Rock Star for cupcakes, 
Kimmee's cake's and cupcakes are the best!!

January 16, 2016


  1. Good morning, Debbie! Spending time at the beach is one of my favorite things. Your photos are beautiful, love watching the waves. Sorry you missed the seal. At least you were able to buy some cupcakes, YUM! Happy Sunday, have a happy new week ahead!

  2. I love to spend time visiting garden centres - always so much to see.
    I love spending time near water - the river, canal, a lake or sea.

    Sorry you missed the seal, but you enjoyed your visit.

    All the best Jan

  3. Well, if you missed the seal at least you got cupcakes! lol

  4. People tell me my snow photos look cold all the time, but Debbie, I have to say that surfing in January looks really, REALLY cold. LOL

  5. Those are awesome photo's, Debbie! Sure makes me want to visit the beach. :)


  6. I love see all the waves adnbeach scenes Debbie

  7. Wow, now this is what I call just the kind of day I wish Minnesota had yesterday! hehehe. If you've seen my post today you'll understand. Enjoy your warmth, open water and sandy, oh so sandy beaches!

  8. Even though you missed the seal, you get to enjoy the beach and hear the splashes of the waves. And the best of it all is you had cupcakes! Looking forward to your flowers post.

  9. Sounds like the perfect day. I walked on an ocean beach once.

  10. Beautiful beach! Sorry you missed the seal. I've never seen one except in a zoo.

  11. Sounds like a great day. I saw the pictures of that seal. He was cute. We saw a seal swimming up the shoreline this past summer. I've never seen that before.

  12. How fortunate you are to be so close to the ocean, Debbie.
    The waves look perfect for surfers, but it also looks cold, even with a wet suit! :-)

  13. Love the surf shots!! They sure live for those angry waves don't they??

  14. Fifty five is sweet but at the beach and with waves like that, it must have been a tad windy, Debbie!...:)JP

  15. i like the rough spray against the break. :)

  16. Beautiful

    A bad day at the beach beats a good day at the office. (I made that up)

  17. Lovely ocean shots.

  18. Sorry you missed the little guy, wow what a picture with those clouds hanging over the water. Wow the waves were crazy weren't they, I can't imagine getting into water that cold but I guess the outside temps were warm for this time of year, I imagine they like to take advantage of that.

  19. Oh, what a beautiful beach. I long to be closer to the ocean, but that will never be! I'll just enjoy it through your pictures!

  20. I would probably loved the cupcake part. I think I would still think it was too cold for the beach but on the other hand you did get some great photo. I loved them. I can't fathom wanting to surf on the beach in that kind of weather. I am sorry you didin't get to see the seal you wanted to see.
    Blessings and hugs!