Monday, January 20, 2020

The Other Ducks

When searching for the Wood Duck last week at
Lake of the Lilies
I came across a few other ducks that have come for the winter.
None of these are regulars.

Now, if you take pictures of any kind of wildlife, 
you will be nodding your head through the text of this post!

If they swim in a lake, they will always be swimming in the dead center of a lake...
If they are swimming in a lake, the lake will be choppy just like the ocean...
If they are sitting by a tree, there will always be at least one branch in front of them...
They are sleeping...
The sun is never out when you get to your spot, even though it was out when you left your house...
If the sun does come out, you experience cloud cover the minute you are ready to take your picture...

These are just a few of the problems of a wildlife photographer...
but we still capture the image.
So...let me show you through pictures...

Here is a group of Greater Scaup
all sleeping...all male except for the one brown female on the right,
I surely feel for her!

A group of Ruddy Ducks it's difficult to tell if there are a few females in there.
All sleeping, all way out!

A Male Bufflehead

Buffleheads, one female, one male.

The Hooded Mergansers are here for winter...
Female on top...

this is the Male!
These are the worse pictures I have ever taken.

So there you have it, and if you hold a camera in your hand, 
it is something you already knew!

I'll be back and I will do better!


  1. A very nice post today! Soon I will also go out with my camera for "hunting" some birds photos! LOL
    Have a nice week!

  2. Hello, your did great considering the conditions. These are all beautiful shots of the ducks. They are usually seen in the middle of the lake, or around the waves or they have their heads tucked under. The Ruddy ducks are cute with the cute stiff tails.. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  3. These are great photos. Better than I have taken. Everything you said is so true. When they swim away as I approach I want to scream!

  4. I totally understand the dilemma . I could truthfully say, been there, done that. Still you managed to get some good pictures.

  5. awww, at least you didn't forget to bring your camera !!
    I especially loved seeing those ever-watchful eyes as they feign sleep... the conspired, saw you coming but - you beat them, you took photos anyway.
    Loving this post Debbie xx

  6. What great photos! It is difficult. Last year when I did my birding quest they pulled out all of the tricks. I love Ruddy ducks. They are such cute little buggers.

  7. Had never heard of a bufflehead, what a great find.

  8. Oh Debbie, your worst are better than my best,! Your narrative made me laugh out loud, oh yeah, I’ve been there. You left out that if it’s sitting quietly on a fence or a post , it will continue to perch quietly until you focus your camera perfectly. Then it will fly before your finger connects with the button! Also that if you are focused on a duck that is facing you it will turn its other end to you just as you snap.

  9. Fantastic variety of ducks! They obviously weren't in any rush to pose. LOL! Sometimes we can only work with what we're given.

  10. Oh my goodness I had to laugh because I think most of that happened to us today, the sun was out when we left the house, saw birds but when we got to the water, nothing and cloudy, it was a chilly walk to the lake too. Greg took pictures along the way anyway :) Well you may have not gotten the pics you wanted but you got out of the house and at least saw some wildlife :)