Friday, January 24, 2020

Skating On Thin Ice

I accepted the hubs offer yesterday, 
to go out to do errands, he said we could stop at Lake of the Lilies.
We stopped there first because the sun was out,
I did't know the lake was frozen.

Almost immediately, I saw a 
Great Blue Heron
on the edge of the lake but once he saw us he took off in to the lake.
But not so easy he soon found out...I had fun watching him slide around on the ice.

To say that he was aware of my presence is an understatement.
He kept eyes on me almost continually.

According to the North American Native tradition, 
the Blue Heron brings messages of self determination and self reliance. 
They represent an ability to progress and evolve.
Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life,
 and co-create their own circumstances.

His chestnut coloring was much more visible today...
Was he spreading his feathers like this to keep warm or impress me?
I was impressed!


  1. He looks much squattier in the second photo. I bet he would want you to delete that one.

    We have one that lives near our pond. He is majestic!

  2. Great shots!
    Nice to read the Native American wisdom about this critter...

  3. Hello, I am impressed with your heron photos. I am sure he was trying look big and tough for you! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend..

  4. Beautiful pictures. I'm sure he would prefer that water to be less cold and not frozen.

  5. Great shots!
    Very nice bird!

  6. I love the second photo especially, Debbie. He looks surprised. I thought they went further south, away from the ice and snow. Great captures!

  7. Great photos Debbie, such a beautiful bird and those eyes were definitely on you. I like the North American Native meaning to these beautiful birds.

  8. Love the heron shots Debbie. I'm impressed too!

  9. Awesome! I love their one-legged stand. I've seen them make futile attempts to grab dead fish under the ice. Beautiful bird!

  10. I am impressed with both your sublime photos and of that pretty fellow. What a magnificent spectacle to see him on the frozen lake.

  11. Great images Debbie. Many thanks for any you previous comments, I appreciate them all. Recently I have been too busy for any commenting although by scheduling in my posts I am still able to post daily. Have a wonderful weekend

  12. That’s so cool seeing him on ice! Amazing. Looks the fishing would be awfully hard!

  13. Oh how cool does he look on that ice, and I do love the fluffing of the feathers, he was probably thinking if I fluff up enough she won't come any closer :)