Friday, January 10, 2020

Loosing A Tree

This tree has been here since the day we bought this property.
A huge tree, I always wondered how old it was.
As the 35 years passed, the tree stood proud and never wavered.
It survived Super Storm Sandy.
But this past summer, during a nor'easter, we heard it crack and start to fall.
Another tree broke it's fall and it has been resting on that tree since the summer.
We knew it had to be removed, we knew it would be expensive,
difficult to access back by the water and difficult to remove.

We called Falkinburg Tree Service,
received a quote and a "no problem", so we went ahead and scheduled the work.
They tell you they will be there at 8 am, and they were,
that they will have the entire crew, and they did, at least 8 men were here.
All hard workers and after a few hours, they were all done.
Everything was swept clean,
 the only way you would even know they were here is that the tree was gone.

What a great job they did, let me show you...

Two men on the tree, look how high up the one guy is.

Zooming in...

They carried 99% of the wood out by hand, shoulder and muscle.
We payed extra for that so the new concrete around the pool would not be damaged.
The tree was hollow, was so interesting to see the pieces coming out!

We spoke to one of the men at the end, he was a super nice guy!
If you live in my area, and ever need tree work, I would highly recommend these guys.


  1. It hurts to lose a tree, but I'm glad it wasn't close to your house. That's the business my grandson's dad is in. If Ben had lived he probably would have worked with his dad; actually, he did some in the summers.


  2. Such a sad day to lose an old beauty but it was dangerous. Great job!

  3. It's so refreshing (not sure that was the word I was looking for) when a company and it's men can be relied on to do a good job. And it's great that you take the time to recommend them to others too.

  4. Many thanks for the photographs.
    It's always sad to lose a tree … do you hope to replace it?

    All the best Jan

  5. Hate to see a tree lost, but when it's dead and leaning....thats what has to be done! Wow, that has to be scary but they seem to have no fear....they look to be 100% professionals for sure!!

  6. I've had a tree removal service working for me as well and found them to be very efficient .

  7. It's amazing how they work and how careful they are!

  8. I always hate to see big, grand trees come down, but everything does sooner or later. You were fortunate to have found a good company! The service industry can be very hit and miss when it comes to finding the honest, knowledgeable folks.

  9. I watch these guys and think wow they have got to have a lot of guts to get up there on those when who knows if they will fall or what, Glad it didn't fall any other way and do damage to something else. It is always nice to have good workers that take pride in what they do, good for you to pass that along!

  10. Gosh, that was a brute of a tree. Great that the fellows were such good workers.

  11. Sad to lose it, but obviously it needed to go. It’s great when good people do good work!