Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's All About The Food...

What is it about my relationship with food and a snow storm?
As soon as the weather person says it is going to snow...
and that orange warning banner starts streaming on the T.V.,
I start planning the meals.
And it can't be just any food, it has to be "the food", "snow food".

Chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes, that's a snow storm meal!

A big pot of chicken, and potato chowder,
I added spinach this time...
that's food good enough for a snow storm.

And a fresh loaf of french bread is a must.

Hot Chocolate Delights

You have to make hot cocoa, don't bother if you don't have peeps!

This came home as a part of Chuck's Costco haul.
It's a cheesecake, can you believe that.
Under all the caramel sauce, chocolate and nuts, there's cheesecake.
Big enough for a family of 10.

I finished my Christmas Cards as I watched it snow...

and the hubs helped me wrap.
We don't buy a lot of presents, I like it that way.
We just buy for the little ones in the family, for our two sons & their significant others!


  1. mmmmm

    (except for the dollop of dog poop in the cup)

  2. Delicioso menú😋 Debbie. Me encanta el chocolate!!!
    Buen martes.

  3. Your storm food looks delicious. Wish I was ready for christmas!

  4. Hello, storm food is a must. I still think you are a great cook! Everything looks delicious. I think they are calling for more snow on Thursday? Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. o.k. first...that meal looks delish and the soup oh my. Second...what?! I've never seen those peeps! Yum!

  6. I am always impressed with your cooking, but my goodness, your packages are lovely. How nice to have a snow storm.
    We just have fire and smoke. :(
    I enjoy all of your posts Debbie. Have a great week.

  7. All that food made my mouth water!! If I were your hubby I would be praying for snow:)

  8. Oh my, I am jealous of your snow food- it almost makes me wish it would freeze up here...but just a little. I couldn't handle it for very long- I don't do well house-bound. Now off to find those peeps!

  9. Isn't it funny how you just go into that phase when you hear there is a storm, I will have to say that cake did it for me, I love cheesecake and all that other goodies with it sounds amazing, good thing we don't have Costco around here :) You do such a beautiful job with your wrapping, I so wish we were closer to family around the holidays. Enjoy your time with them!

  10. I don't go into food mood, I go into woolen socks and flannel shirt mode, which is weird because the inside temperature on the thermostat, is the same 73 degrees year round. LOL

  11. I've been thinking about Turkey and dressing...I didn't make it for Thanksgiving and it's one of my favorite meals. We spend a LOT of time figuring out what we're going to eat next! heehee! Holiday hugs!

  12. Goodness gracious, you're getting me all hungry now! Delicious presentations and yep you are so right it is all about the comforts and taste and who we share it with as well!

  13. I wish you were my next door neighbour.I might just invite myself to help you eat that food. Looks wonderful.

  14. When the weather turns cold and wintry I always turn to soups and casseroles, something so tasty and warming about them.

    I've still got to wrap some presents!

    All the best Jan

  15. Oh, NO! Now I want snow food. Good golly, Debbie, it all looks so good! :)


  16. Oh, and you actually wrapped presents. Not me, honey, I "bag em". :)

  17. man, how I wish I could come through the screen and try all your yummy-ness ... looks just delicious!! so drool-able. have a great week. thanks for the sharing. I love visiting. take care. ( :

  18. I'd like to spend the next storm at your place.

    It's been perfect weather (bitter cold) for comfort food, and yours looks just perfect, Debbie.

  20. I can certainly understand that feeling - comfort food, in the cold weather... let alone the snowy weather - that really would bring out the need for nurturing and the feeling of cosiness.
    Lovely food indeed :D)

  21. Oh your warm food looks so scrumptious and perfect for winter nights. That cheesecake looks amazing. I will need to check at Costco's for that one. Maybe a New Year deiight for us.
    Christmas cards and wrapping done; wow you are doing well. The gifts look lovely.
    Happy blessings and hugs for you!