Sunday, January 8, 2017

Making Comfort Food

I love comfort food, 
home cooked food that has always brought about a cozy feeling.
Food does that for me...
Food = love - and certain foods evoke special memories and feelings.
Pot Roast is one of those foods.
I have made it so many ways over the years, 
this is son Michaels favorite and he requested it for Christmas Dinner, cooked this way.
It was so good on Christmas Day, 
I made it again yesterday (Friday), for the snow storm that wasn't.

McCormick makes this "Bag'N Season" that has everything you need.
I used a 3 pound Bottom Round Roast, then followed the directions exactly.
You can use any combination of vegetables,
I used carrots and frozen pearl onions.

There were a lot of carrots, they were hidden underneath the onions.

Everything goes in the bag with 1/4 cup of water and their seasoning mix.
Four slits cut in the top of the bag,
for this size roast, I cooked it 3 hours at 350 degrees and the house smelled amazing.

You "have" to make mashed potatoes with this as nothing else will do,
and quite honestly, you have nothing else to do while the roast and vegetables cook.
You get a lot of drippings from the bag,
I thicken them with flour combined with water and add a little gravy master.
The gravy was yummy.

Their was not one word spoken during dinner, 
the hubs and I scoffed this up.
It was a big roast so there are leftovers and it will be delish, second time around!


  1. Yummo!! My lips are salivating at the sight of your pot roast. No wonder not a word was spoken whilst eating. =) I too, love food and my waistline reminds me of this fact every day!!

  2. Nothing like a good scoffing is there! Home made comfort food is just the best and you're right about mashed potato ;D) xx

  3. I feel comfortable just looking at it! Pot roast is a favorite here, too. I typically do it in the crock pot, but I'll have to try this.

  4. Hello, Debbie! Your pot roast looks delicious. Easy to make too, I love using the cooking bags, I will have to try this seasoning and the recipe. My hubby loves his mashed potatoes. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  5. Oh gee - first thing in the morning and I'm wanting pot roast! I guess my yogurt will have to do. This looks so delicious!

  6. Wow, you have just pushed me over the side, (I've been thinking of doing this) we've been putting our turkey in a bag for years now and gee it is just the most marvelous invention ever! Love your photos too Debbie. Of course now my tummy is grumbling too!

  7. I wish I had waited until mealtime to read this; oh my so yummy looking. I love the bags too...great invention....

  8. Oh Debbie,
    again at your goodies.
    Even for me a delightful smell of food.
    Greetings from a very cold Poland.

  9. Colorful and yummy!

  10. This is how I make mine (with McCormick's), and it is amazing!!!
    And no mess :-)

  11. Looks and I bet it tasted really good too.

  12. Isn't it so good when the aroma of tasty food wafts around the house!
    Glad you and hubs tucked in, it does look tasty.

    All the best Jan

  13. Oh how I wish I had one of those cooking right this minute. We're in a cold snap (LOL, it was 45 outside this morning, had to turn the heat on -- but the wind was blowing and that's actually kinda' chilly for Florida). Anyway, this "freezing" cold weather makes me hungry for comfort food for sure. Your food photography is great.

  14. That looks delicious. I will make a roast next weekend. You are right comfort food! Yumm!

  15. MMMM that looks yummy!!! perfect for a winter day!!

  16. Yum! I can almost taste it! Now I have a craving........:)

  17. I love a good roast too!!! Yum! Thats the cutest picture of you ever in your furry hat on a previous post!!--- so glamourous!i love your birds in the window pictures as well

  18. OHHH that looks so so good!!!

  19. That bag is unique. Sue does a fine roast with carrots and roast potatoes. Yum.

  20. I've never seen it cooked in a bag! I'm curious!!! Going to try it this weekend. I love a good pot roast. Always makes me think of my grandmother. I think I hated pot roast as a kid lol! But as an adult I find it delicious and crave it when the weather is cold or snowy.

  21. Oh yum on this one! I will diffiently do it. I usually do my roast in the crock pot but I must try this one. Thanks for sharing it and the photos made me want to do it right now. Hugs hugs for the comfort foods!