Monday, January 23, 2017

Seaside Heights...

I spent my Summers at the beaches in Seaside, New Jersey.
We were a beach family and spent almost every Summer day here in Seaside.
On Friday, the hubs brought me down here to hunt for sea glass,
something he knew nothing about until he met me.
We went early in order to catch low tide.

The ocean was calm and peaceful, you could smell the salt in the air.

The hubs always goes out ahead of me, because he thinks he will find more glass than I.

At some point I came across this...
a pretty piece of glass the hubs found and left for me in the sand.

He obviously had zero confidence that I would find it on my own.

The clouds were amazing.

This was our take...
the piece in the center is heart shaped and a pretty shade of sea foam green.

January 20, 2017


  1. Awesome photos... especially scenes of the water and sky.

  2. Oh gosh Debbie, those skies and the cloud formations - breathtaking.
    I love how your hubby forges ahead and hunts out the goodies for you. So romantic actually. He knows what makes you happy. Isn't it a wonderful thing to be loved like that!
    Such a gorgeous collection of sea glass and shells (I'm a shell collector). I think all those glass colours are so pretty :D)

  3. Wonderful view of the ocean and the beauty of the sky. Lovely walk and to this collection interesting. Regards.

  4. goes to prove, even an overcast day on the beach is better than any day stuck inside. :)

    Lovely shots

  5. Hello, love the views of the ocean. The sea glass is pretty, you found a nice variety. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Oh thank you for taking us with you...great views.

  7. Haha!!! That's SO cute! He left little arrows pointing at it. I think that's the definition of "love."

  8. beautiful!
    i love the ocean...there's nothing like feeling the breeze flow past you while listening to crashing waves.
    be blessed!!

  9. Lovely shots!

    I like how your hubby drew arrows for you. :)

  10. Beautiful scenes. Sounds like so much fun to walk along the beach and look for these special pieces.

  11. Wow! You found a lot, Debbie!
    And these photographs are just beautiful.
    I love the ocean, and you are fortunate to live so close by to it.

  12. i am curious, how the pine cone got there? interesting. wonder if it traveled in the waters or? very cool. i think your husband is too funny. instead of X marks the spot it is Arrows. too funny!! love it! ( ;

  13. I love your pretty post...i am wondering what the sea glass is from...something from olden ships ? I wouldn't think modern ships would have floats of glass any surely is pretty and lots of fun to look for. We used to find lots of sand dollars down on the Texas coast...but I never found a piece of sea glass.

  14. Gorgeous beach! I like them when they're not crowded. You found some really nice stuff!

  15. I think you had such a great haul. The arrows pointing to the see glass cracked me up.
    What a nice place to visit.

  16. Just lovely to see the sea and skies ... it looks so calming.
    Well done on your finds.

    All the best Jan

  17. Looks like you and I were thinking along the same lines today for our posts! LOl Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I never find sea glass here, it just doesn't come in!! We do find sharks teeth tho! Love your beach finds, so pretty--especially the green or blue peices. Have you ever found red?

  18. It looks so beautiful, what a wonderful place to go walking :-)

  19. Those clouds are amazing! I would have missed that piece of glass. I would have needed those arrows! lol

  20. I love sea glass, but never have much luck finding any. Maybe if your husband would walk in front of me and give me some arrows in the sand... (lol- I LOVE that!)

  21. You have some nice beach shots there.

  22. Okay--this is not fair! Those treasures were from one seaside walk?
    I have a small collection of heart-shaped rocks, but no sea glass. :-(

  23. I hope to see the beach this year

  24. Wow what gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing them.

    Hugs Diane

  25. You found some very lovely sea shells. Of course, I loved the photos for more than one reason; they are beautiful. I think the clouds are unique; they are so ripppily. It looks like such a peaceful adventure. Sending hugs your way!

  26. Look at all the great things you found! That was a productive day. The clouds caught my eye immediately--beautiful!

  27. Such wonderful photos! I love how you and Chuck enjoy so many things together.

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