Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fire and Ice...

On Saturday we went to a Fire and Ice Festival in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.
The Fire part was a Chili contest - the Ice part was an Ice Carving Contest.
The line to test and judge the chili was too long, 
and that did not interest us anyway, we went to see the Ice Sculptures.
If they chose to participate, each store along High Street
hired someone to carve a sculpture of their choice, outside their facility.

Be Mine

Downtown Pizza


An Abstract

A Seal


This Sheep was outside a yarn shop...
how exciting, I did visit inside and I made a small souvenir purchase.

A Minion

Love before...

Love after!

A Dragon

I'm a little more serious than the hubs!

Suze & Watson entertained us.

It was very crowded but as we walked around, it did not feel crowded.
They also had Fire Engine Rides
Dogsled Demonstrations
A Balloon Guy
Cupcake Decorating
and much, much more.
It was nice to bundle up and be outdoors for the day, 
we had some snow flurries as well!


  1. Hello, the ice sculptures are amazing. Sounds like a great event and a fun day. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Wow ,never saw such amazing art work before !!!
    thank i really enjoyed the one with sheep and the one in a man[i think your hubby] cheering up excitingly ,so full of life !
    you look great dear .

  3. our winter street festivals have a very different feel *grin*

  4. Wow!
    The beautiful ice sculptures.
    Great presentation.

  5. What an interesting Saturday spent at the Ice Festival. The sculptures are beautiful!

  6. Looks like a fun day! And oh, what beautiful ice sculptures! They are truly stunning and very intricate in detail.

    Hugs to you!

  7. What a wonderful place to visit. I really do like seeing that ice in those sculptures.
    What a fun visit. I love that sheep in front of the yard shop.

  8. Looks like a really fun day out with lots happening! That first Valentine ice sculpture was my favourite!

  9. Very impressive! That takes far more talent than I have. I love the seal and minion!

  10. Those ice sculptures are fabulous, what skill the artist have :-)

  11. Really, how do they do this???
    These sculptures are just magnificent, Debbie.
    It must have been so much fun to watch them be created.

  12. I'm always amazed by the ice sculptures.So much work goes into these.

  13. The ice sculptors are so clever. It was beaut seeing so many Debbie, thanks for your photos :D)

  14. Ice sculptures always fascinate me. Some amazing ones here.

  15. Thanks for sharing all this fun ice art! We have a place in St Paul with ice art as well and I'm going to check it out this weekend too!

  16. You guys are always having so much fun! And you find such neat places to go and things to do!

  17. Those are always so darn neat

  18. Simply amazing sculptures.

    All the best Jan

  19. This is so frickan joyful! Ottawa has Winterlude, much the same thing, but over weekends for a few weeks.

  20. I enjoyed this adventure very much! You find the funniest events every to share with us. I find the ice carvings; amazing. I just can't imagine being a carver. These photos were awesome. I always enjoy the photos of the two of you. You do have a very fun husband. You look so cute in that lovely brown coat.
    So fun to read about this one! Hugs~