Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Tape Measure!!!

The hubs told me a I have never heard before.
It was so profound, I must share it here.
My posts are not generally "wordy", I think this one will be but for me,
so worth the read.
Go and get a tape measure, a nice long Stanley Tape Measure.
Stretch it out, and lock it in...
to the number in which you think you will live until.
For most people, the average age is 76, so you can start there if you like.
Or just pick "your" ending age and lock it in.
I used 76, 76 is 6 and 1/2 feet.
As you look at the out stretched tape measure, view that as your life.
Whatever number you choose, each inch is one year of your life.
Next, look for your current age.
I am 56, so from 1 - 56 is gone, forever, that was my life so far.
My future, is what's left of the tape measure.
I was unable to view the beginning of the tape measure...
in fact, most of that part of my "life" is not visible.
What I could see, is what I have left.
Some might say, it's almost over, or that this is a sad story.
I say, I am glad I heard the tape measure story...
those inches I have left, are going to be awesome!!!
My Orchids opened on Christmas Day, just like a Christmas Miracle!!
I believe in miracles!!


  1. you are the sunshiniest person i know, dear debbie. :)

  2. Nice story, Debbie.. I like to live every day like it may be the last.. I love your beautiful orchid.. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. I believe in miracles.
    A beautiful story. Your orchid is a real specimen.
    It has a wonderful color.
    Have a great week :)

  4. What a great story, Debbie. If I picked 76 I don't have much time left so I better enjoy it.
    The orchid is lovely.

  5. Oh, yes they are! Love the story, also.
    Beautiful photo.


  6. Absolutely, here's to taking light of what time is left and live it to the max!

  7. Wow, that is so profound Debbie. And your orchid is a stunner :)

  8. Beautiful quote and beautiful flower as well my friend I love it. Hugs

  9. Interesting way to view our life. Your flower is gorgeous!

  10. make the most of each moment you are given. Happy New Year.I have to say this now,as I will be away from the computer for the next week.

  11. Very thought provoking post, Debbie! Thanks for sharing it with us. The orchid is stunningly beautiful! Have a very happy New Year!

  12. ah. Nice adage/story. Miracles are nice to observe every day. Easy to do. A stroll around the block with a camera in my hand is all I need. :O)

  13. I love the sunlight on your brand new orchid!!!
    I also love the flower on the pink hat, a couple of posts along!!!

  14. Great story, Debbie, with a very valuable lesson: make each day count. People like you inspire me to do that because you give so much to each day. :-)

  15. I'm sure they'll be awesome because of your positive attitude - hope mine are too!

  16. A very concrete and profound message - you can't change what is behind you, only what lies ahead. Amazing sounds like a great path to take.

    Happy New Years Debbie!

  17. Wonderful story and gorgeous orchid! We have much to look forward to.

  18. What an inspiring post!

  19. Oh the Orchid is beautiful and it is a miracle that it opened right on Christmas. You are a young one with many years ahead. I a afraid I am getting old. Looking at the tape measure in this way will be a lesson learned. I will look forward the the inches I have left. This was a great story; thanks for sharing it.
    Blessings as this year closes and a new one begins. I love the New Year.

  20. Great analogy - and powerful visual! Everything's so "digital" these days that I think it might some times mess with our sense of space and time. That orchid is gorgeous - perfect Christmas gift to you!!

  21. I love it. A very good reminder for everyone. Thank you for sharing!!!

  22. Debbie, I love this... Hugs! Bonnie

  23. That is an interesting view of life. Getting shorter all the time--we'd better get to living!