Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slippery When Wet...

It snowed on December 11, 2014 and the Blue Jays swarmed the feeders.
They were a no show for the snow on the 10th,
I couldn't help but wonder,
"where were you guys yesterday".
I sat at the window and watched them as they dropped
nut after nut.
Junior, my favorite squirrel caught on quickly,
positioned himself right under the peanut dish,
and could not have been happier to eat what the Jays were dropping.
A lot were dropped...
and there were some serious moments of contemplation,
and quiet thought!!
 And then just like that, they mastered the technique...

and the pickings for junior...became very slim!!
We've had two beautiful snows,
during the day,
no clean up required.
It does not get any better then that!!


  1. Gosh, she caught me, I do hope she captured my best side!

  2. so cute, they are! lots of snow coming down in these pics. :)

  3. Cute bird and certainly cope with peanut. Cute photos. Regards.

  4. Debbie, these are wonderful shots ! Nevermind the weather like a bird is hungry !

  5. Great photos, Debbie. Sometimes, I miss snow (not that I've seen that much before).


  6. Hello Debbie, I enjoyed your series of Blue Jay photos..I really think they can weigh the peanut to see which one is heavier.. They are smart birds.. I like the snow that requires no shoveling.. :)

    Have a happy day and week ahead!

  7. Great shots. I love the Blue Jays.

  8. Hi Debbie. These are "great" shots of the Blue Jays. Send some my way!! I've not been ignoring you, I just haven't been on the computer lately. I find it hard to sit in front of my computer during the holiday season. So, bear with me!

  9. Beautiful shots of the Jays: they're such handsome birds!

  10. Yeah, the peanuts don't last long when the jays come around! Beautiful photos! Love the snow!

  11. They are such a colorful bird both in feather and personality.

  12. His color is so brilliant. Nice to see in this dreary season!

  13. It is just beautiful. Just lovely shots.

  14. I'm a sucker for bluejays. Somehow, their faces look a little cat-like to me. And what's not to like about THAT, right?
    xo, m & jb (Who likes to watch bluejays and sometimes chase them)

  15. These are all fantastic, but that second photo really caught my eye. Beautiful!

    Poor junior. I hope he got a little bit of food. :-)

    Please send some of the snow down to Virginia, specifically to TINA. Thank you.

  16. So cute. We only have their plainer cousins the scrub jays in Oregon .

  17. No clean up--that's my idea of snow! Great to see your Blue Jays. They are funny to watch. We've watched them pick up and lay down every one until they got the one that was just right; and then there are those who insist they can carry two at a time...and somehow, they manage.

  18. Awesome images of the jays. They're very pretty birds.