Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Traditions...

Do you have a lot of "special" Christmas Traditions?
At my house, I try...
but with three men boys around, it's not so easy!!
When the kids were young ins', all I had to do was
"say it with a smile"
and everyone was excited and all in for my adventure.
As they have grown up,
well, let's just say they are "on to me"...
and they have learned that saying "no way" to mom,
is a lot easier then they thought!!
One tradition, I will not let go of, is driving to the ends of the earth,
to look at Christmas lights.
I get a list, there is hot chocolate and blankets involved...
and you are coming whether you like it or not. 
How did that work out for me this year, you ask??
It was just the hubs and I...
we went last night because right now,
being around other people, is not an option for me.
The first place house, for me, this year was...

 and Olaf

 This was a six minute projection screen showing from the movie Frozen.
Tune your radio station to 88.5,
hear the words, feel the story, hear the music.

It ended like this and it was amazing!!
I will not mention how long it took for us to find this house,
or how many of the "wrong" houses we visited.
Nope not going to mention that because it was all worth it!
And we saw some pretty cool Christmas lights along the way!!
Traditions...do you have any??


  1. Oh that makes my house look like shame. I'm glad you got to get out and see some lights!

  2. This is what I did with my grandparents when I was little. Every year, the same things bundling up and getting into their big car and riding around with them.
    I wanted to do that this year too, but didn't get around to it. I am so glad you carry on that tradition.

  3. you're cute. chuck still can't say 'no way' to you. glad you got to see some cool lights.

  4. Wow Debbie! That is house is amazing..They put on a great show! I think the tradition in my family is just eating, lol! I am glad you and your hubs made it out to see the Christmas lights. I wish you and your family all the best in 2015! Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for sharing Debbie. The only Xmas tradition we have is being together at Xmas. Happy New Years my friend.

  6. :(

    My poor wife. I am such a Scrooge...I've sucked the season spirit out of her.

  7. Glad you got to get out and see the lights. Our Christmas tradition started way back when I was a kid and all the aunts, uncle and cousins came to our hour on Christmas Eve and opened presents. This tradition continues today with all my kids and grandkids getting together Christmas Eve. I hope we can continue it.

  8. The Frozen movie is very cool, but the last house is just gorgeous! Love how they did that!

  9. How great. This must have been amazing. My girls just love Frozen.

  10. That is one tradition that was carried on with the family for many, many years. I love that house! It seems like "frozen" is the IN thing this year. Rylan will watch that movie over and over; I love hearing her sing the song. So cute. I'm glad, at least, you were able to ride and look at lights. xoxo

  11. Wow! This is wonderful, Debbie!
    I wish you and Chuck a very, very Happy New Year.

  12. Crud balls. Not a single Christmas tradition. We just make it up as we go along.

  13. And, strangely, I found myself sitting in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas! How did this happen? Am I living in a real version of Christmas Story? It happened because my brother's idea of Christmas dinner involved pizza. No pizza places open on Christmas...You get the idea....

  14. As soon as they figure out they can say "no" the writing is on the wall and trust me, I am not above reminding them how many hours I spent in labor, pushing, and would they like to hear about the 'stitching'. Oh yea, there are just some traditions that are not going down without a fight.
    Love the house - after several trips to Disney this year, I would have to skip the accompanying music - lets just say "let it go' already!

    Happy New Years Debbie!

  15. I am the tradition girl myself, which makes hubby happy that I run that show. Lights are one of my favorite too, and just tonight I took 3 of my little grand-delights around town to catch more before folks put them away again!

  16. Our tradition is to eat 12 grapes tonight with the twelve bells and toast the new year :))
    Happy New Year, Debbie ... I wish you a great 2015 and continue sharing!!!

  17. Happy New 2015 Year's !!!!
    Greetings for you of my Dear Friend

    Łucja ♥♥♥

  18. That house is crazy! I love driving around and looking at everyone's lights. Our traditions have always been cookie baking, and on Christmas morning I always make cinnamon rolls. Oh, and I have a mimosa. Or two.

  19. WOW - how my father would have loved this!!! ... When my daughter was younger (circa 80s, 90s), we continued a tradition that had actually been started by someone I was once dating - the "Tacky Christmas Lights and Decorations" tour ;) Back then, we'd go into Laurence Harbor & Cliffwood Beach, especially ... Keansburg ... and there was the cement block house w/ year-round palm trees in the year, in the Amboys, that always went all out for Christmas! ;)

  20. I must say that this house had something new that I haven't seen before; I thought it was very original and just plain cute. I love this tradition. We did drive around and see some great Christmas lights.
    We usually try to go down to temple square and see the Christmas lights; it is amazing. We didn't make it this year.
    Blessings for sharing this one!