Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Fences ~ Edition 39 ~

Happy Thursday kids, it's once again time for some good fences.
You are going to have to concentrate on this one,
in order to "find" the fences.
This is a little more like a "Where's Waldo"...
so have some fun and see how many fences you can find!

A Season of Lights

The Water Mill

Surprise hugs...

 Water Mill

The Village is decorated beautifully,

Victorian style with thousands of lights!!

We visited on Sunday December 14th.
As we were leaving Peddlers Village,
the Christmas countdown clock looked like this...
Christmas in 10 days, 55 minutes and 56 seconds!!

We had dinner at Earls, it was just amazing!!
And lucky for me, one additional fence.
So how many fences did you find??
Sharing Peddlers Village lights and fences with my good friend
for Good Fences
Stop by and consider joining in the fun, any fence or gate will do!!


  1. I lost count! What a pretty village. The lights and decorations are so festive.. You and the hubs are so cute too.. I have a coat that looks just like that, it is warm.. Wonderful series of images, enjoy your day!

  2. The last one was the easiest! You are pretty good with your stealth fences. Beautiful Christmas village!

  3. It should be Thursday Big Smiles, instead of Thursday Fences. Just saying :)

  4. I have never seen two happier looking people! And I saw several cool fences. What a beautiful post!!

  5. I found 4 fences. The lights everywhere are neat to see! Nice shots of you and your husband.

  6. you two don't need all the lights to brighten up a post. fabulous.

  7. i think i saw four. you two are so cute. love the water mill and the 'water' flowing over the wheel!

  8. I found four :)
    And I just love the way the water mill is illuminated :))

  9. LOVE seeing the pretty lights and decorations. I lost count of fences after two, but I enjoyed seeing you "two" in those fun pics. :)


  10. Well I see 4 for sure but perhaps six; that was fun. You do take such incredible pictures and this looked like a great place to visit. I loved your hugs.
    Blessings for this fun one!

  11. You two are such a cute couple, love those 'tripod' shots and whenever I use mine I always thank you, thank you, thank you :) Great photos of this pretty town.

  12. Festive fences, that's the spirit!

  13. Ups! I just got through telling Margaret about how many times I had pushed the wrong button and pre-posted, and I go and do the exact same thing right afterwards! Power of suggestion? That recipe won't be posted until Monday :)

  14. I think I found five fences. Cool place to visit with all the lights. Great job taking the photos!

  15. Beautiful, festive fences Debbie... and, oh, that sweet loved up couple just keep popping up. Warms the heart. Merry Christmas :D)

  16. Those are some gorgeous lights! Really nice!

  17. I can find the fences but the lights outshine the fences.

    Merry Christmas.

  18. Charming, especially the mill!

  19. I love to take an early evening ride and see all the lights at this time of year.

  20. Beautiful photo shots especially of the Mill!

    P.S. I saw the fences! lol

    Happy Floral Friday

  21. I couldn't count fences, too busy enjoying the lights and the happy couple. :)