Monday, December 1, 2014

December's Here!!

December is here and I could not be more excited!!
Every single town at the Jersey Shore is decorated...
all trees lighting ceremonies are behind us,
and it's official "The Christmas Season" has begun.
Time to start checking things off that Winter Bucket List!!
The four day weekend was one of my best ever.
I got to see both of my boys, in the same the same time.
Thanksgiving was awesome, the meal was good...
but a little fyi, don't believe that post on pinterest,
that mashed potatoes can be "cooked" in the crock pot.
That's not true!!
Friday, we ate pizza.
No one makes pizza like they do at the Jersey Shore,
when the boys are home, they want pizza.
Games, movies, laughs and lots of great conversations.
Dinner Saturday night was at Sirena's with Mike and Alisa,
her parents joined us as well.
An awesome meal and may I please add that
I just adore these two kids!!
On Sunday we were back in Long Branch, at Pier Village
for their tree lighting Christmas Festivities.
 We got to meet the big guy...

 and I was able to convince the hubs to join me for some Santa time.
It's on the "Bucket List" so he had to do it!!
Well he didn't really "have to" so isn't it awesome that he did!!

Welcome Christmas 2014...let the fun begin!!


  1. It looks like your Thanksgiving weekend was a blast. Love the pictures of you and hubby with Santa. I admire a man who is man enough to have his picture taken with Santa. I think you need to keep him!

  2. I like the sleigh!! It can't really be winter, if you are still wearing your sandals!!!
    And I love the idea about the sugar scrub!! I need to get my hands really thoroughly greased up, so I will have to make a batch!

  3. Hi Debbie! I always love visiting your blog to see what you've been up to. The photos you posted are just terrific - the Christmas decorations and lights made for the perfect setting!

  4. N.J. Is so pretty! You guys have some great places to visit! These long holidays are the best!

  5. Your four-day weekend sounded wonderful :) And look at you in your flip-flops! My toes would freeze here in the mountains if I wore flip-flops right now :)

    Happy December!

  6. you make me feel absolutely scroogish by comparison. :P

    so glad you had good family time, though. :)

  7. LOL at the flip flops!! =0)

    Wonderful photos of wonderful people what a beautiful Christmas set up.

  8. Okay, stop it right now! You're having way too much fun. LOL Does look like a wonderful time. I love seeing all the Christmas lights too, but we have to drive a distance to find them. :-)

  9. Isn't there a law or open toed shoes after Labor Day?

    Just askin'

  10. Beautiful pictures and sounds like a wonderful time.

  11. My favorite time of year! You've obviously been having a great time! Fun shots!

  12. Your Thanksgiving holiday sounds and looks perfect. So happy to hear you were able to spend the time with your children. Have a grand week.

  13. How beautiful! All the lights! Our street "lighted" decorations are up, but the lighting ceremony for the tree village will be next Saturday after the parade. I'm so hoping Hunter's dad will give up his weekend so she can be here. That's not nice of me, is it? LOL

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend with your family, Debbie. xoxo

  14. It looks wonderful Debbie! Yes, let Christmas begin. :)

  15. What a wonderful time for all, Debbie, and the Christmas decorations are just beautiful!

  16. Sounds like a weekend filled with fun! Love the picture of you two with the big guy.

  17. You sure know how to make a person feel giddy! Great photos, lovely trees, and the big guy too! Those lights are marvelous, it truly is a fun time of year. It looks as though the games will continue..... WooHoo!

  18. I am so happy you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.
    It does look like you are starting out this Christmas Celebration in a big way. I loved the Santa picture with your hubby and the others as well.
    Blessings for tons of fun for you all this year.

  19. Sounds wonderfully festive!

  20. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving.