Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Critters ~ 46 ~

This was a shriek, spin the car around...spin the car around,
he's going to take off kinda moment.
That's a joke, this guy wasn't going to fly if you paid him to.
So, let's back up a little.
I spotted him out of the corner of my eye...
he was sitting on the edge of a lake and I was sure of what I saw.
The hubs is good with the spin around maneuver.
It was an Egret!
"I can't believe The Egrets are still here"

 First he fluffed his feathers, acknowledging that he saw me.

 Next he jumped in and posed beautifully for this picture,
I was shooting in to the sun which created those pretty sparkles.

 He walked...and I took about 50 pictures of
this uneventful prance.

 I talked...

 "listen bud, at this point I have about 50 pictures,
that all look the same"...

 "would you mind taking off for me, I would like a nice flight shot'!!

 There was a "stare down"

 A little yapping on his part...

and then he dove down for a fish and came up empty.
As I walked back to the car I mumbled under my breath,
that's what you get bud...
When I got back to the car the hubs was sleeping...
When I hoped in I said "was I gone long"!?!

Sharing my images from our Sunday drive, 
October 12, 2014 with
for Saturday Critters stop by and consider joining in,
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  1. Oh, Debbie, this is s Riot! Especially The Fluff Up and The Stare Down.

    If I shriek in the car like that, Ray has a heart attack then admonishes me DON'T DO THAT! I shriek quite often at home, but I must control myself in the car. This si difficult. LOL!

    ((hugs)) m & jb

  2. I love that conversation. I could see those looks on his face.
    It is really a beautiful sunny day.

  3. You are so funny, I am sure you were not gone that long.. Love the pretty egret, sorry, he would not fly for you.. Cute post and I love the photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. laughing at your conversation and at chuck. :)

  5. Gorgeous series of beautiful shots of this elegant . Have a great weekend.

  6. I love the word/thought balloons you contrive! The bird and the water shots are beautiful -- sorry he wouldn't take flight for you.

  7. I know all too well what you mean about the 50 images that all look the same... Isn't it a good thing we don't have to pay for film any more?
    Gorgeous egret, though!!!
    I saw a heron this morning - he had staked out a tiny pool in the pond they are draining again, and I didn't want to disturb him, so I kept walking...

  8. Ha ha love the shots ~ Funny I had glanced away for a moment as I read when you got back to the car the hub ... somehow I thought you were going to say when you got back to the car the hub caps were gone lol Glad it was about the hubs sleeping !

  9. So funny! At least he stayed still for a photo op. :)

  10. My husband is terrible at the spin around maneuver! You got some fabulous shots here. The light is spectacular. I love the way it's making his beak glow. I forget that sometimes shooting into the sun, when near water, gives you those magical sparkles. Well done.

  11. Great post Debbie!!Excellent pictures of the Egret!I love this bird!So elegant!!I really enjoyed your photos!!Have a happy weekend!

  12. 50+ pics...well..maybe a few minutes! All great shots- love the stare down..I usually get the glance and go from these birds.

  13. Gorgeous shots of the Egret - and love your commentary too!

  14. Wow!! Brilliant pictures of the Egrets. Very jealous.

  15. Amazing pictures. I love your commentary as well.

  16. Amazing pictures. I love your commentary as well.

  17. Your hubs is a very talented man! I'm sure you weren't gone long at all. Great shots of the egret.

  18. Only 50? Couldn't have been that long. Beautiful photos. Sorry the subject wouldn't cooperate. Birds are obnoxious like that sometimes.

  19. lovely blog, i saw you thrue other blogger...will visit more to read your posts..blessings

  20. Beautiful white bird in the sparkling water! Lovely light in your photos. Hey, the hubs must have needed a nap! :-)

  21. Oh this was a cute one and the photos are fantastic. You have such a cute way of writing that fits the posts.
    Thanks and blessings for the smiles on this one.

  22. My hubby is great with the spin around, too! Love your series and your monologue. The sun on his bill makes it look transparent.

  23. Great shots of this beauty!

  24. Don't they take your breath away. Exciting to see and yes your photos were wonderful. Sorry he didn't cooperate and fly away for you.