Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Preparing for Autumn

Many years ago, I went all out with my fall decorations.
To put it in visual terms...
it looked like a pumkin had vomited pumpkins in my house.
Yes, just like that.
I have scaled back a bit now,
placing out just a few "Fall" themed items
and all the "Halloween" themed decor has been laid to rest.
Let's take a little peek around the house,
to see what made it out of the boxes this year.
 I kept things simple at the front door.
New Fall Wreath, Autumn Doormat, Pumpkin Bucket with a
Yellow Mum...
and the 2 pumpkins are fakes.
That's right, I picked them up after Halloween, a few years ago,
70% off and I have been using them ever since.
 I left up my "Welcome Slate" from summer as I loved the
way it looked with my new wreath,

 and the yellow mum!!

The Fall Flag that matches the doormat is up,
and I leave this in place for Thanksgiving as well.

 I changed out a few of the items

on the small table in the entry,

 and there are radom stuffed pumpkins
laying about the house.

 A few gourds in the coffee table bowl,

 the scrapbooks are open to past Fall outings...

my pretty small Autumn picture book and
it doesn't take much to make the house a little more Fall like.

 I love this wreath that hangs on the inside
of my front door,

 this counted cross stitch that I made years ago,

 and these little guys,

that sit on either side of the T.V.

oh yes and there are candles,
 pumpkin scented candles are everywhere!!
So what about you guys...
do you go all out or do you just have little sprinkles of Fall??


  1. Well you certainly are all set for autumn and it looks lovely

  2. Debbie, your house inside and outside looks lovely. I love all your cute decorations.. The only decorations around my house are the fallen leaves outside..HAHA. Have a happy day!

  3. Looking good! You have the spirit of the season.

  4. gotta be my favorite post *smile*

    I love teddy bears

    Love that fall flag

    (I need to do a post of my teddy bear collection..funny...I'm a 6'2" 230lb jock, semi retired *wink*)

  5. You did a lovely job on your autumn decorations!

  6. All your decor looks great, but here all the decor is outside - the coloured leaves!

  7. I don't decorate for the seasons, but I love seeing what you have done!!!

  8. bwahahaha. dirt, sand, and a few leaves get scattered throughout the house by dogs and alpha-bitch (me). small acorns might scatter across the front porch in a few weeks. scorpion bodies are accumulating under the couch as i swat them and swish their flattened carcasses under there for vacuuming later. cobwebs are forming nicely, thank you. :)

  9. I used to do much more outside than I do now. I had scarecrows, pumpkins, hanging witches... Now, as you do, I settle for simpler fare. There's a fall wreath on the door, and mums. Inside, I still do an artificial fall flower display with artificial pumpkins at the base of the stairs. There are two little child scarecrows at the doorway to the den. I keep fall/Halloween figures on the tables in the living room. There's a fall floral centerpiece on the dining table. And I hung fall wreaths in the family room, powder room, and back door. So I guess I still do a bit of decorating.

  10. That is a cute and clever idea with the albums open to fall pictures.

    I have been making dvds with Fall to some of my friends.

    I enjoyed your Reason for the Fall Season looking in your home and outside. Thumbs up!

  11. What a lovely Autumn decoration Debbie!Great ideas!
    I like the autumn wreath,the flag and the Pumpkin Bucket!! The teddy bear is so cute!!Thank you for sharing!

  12. I love reading your blog every morning before work. Your cooking, garden, home, & places you have visited. You absolutely have good taste in all you do, such a classy lady you are. Karen

  13. ✿✿彡。°
    Amei as fotos! Que decoração mais linda!

    Ótimo dia com tudo de bom!

  14. What fun, it looks like fall is there now. It looks so pretty. You have such a nice wreath on your door.

  15. Your decorations are beautiful, Debbie.
    I don't decorate at all for fall, ad I am guessing it's because I go "nuts" at Christmas, and that is more than enough for me. :-)

  16. Mother Nature does a great job of decorating for fall at our farm, so I stay out of her way.
    But appenently she has a lot more fun sprucing up Tex's place.

  17. You have such a nice decorating touch! Everything looks lovely. I haven't decorated. I usually only really decorate at Christmas.

    Pumpkins vomit? :-)

  18. Lovely! I am not into seasonal decorations as I once was. I don't have the energy anymore.

  19. Even though you have scaled down, Debbie, your choices for fall decos make yiur entryway and home in tune for the season. The little seasonal bears are my favorites. Fake pumpkins are good because they keep year after year!

  20. Debbie, kinda seems appropriate that, as you say, your Halloween decorations have been "laid to rest." LOL!

  21. That post nicer. Preparing Halloween ;))

  22. Marvellous purple entrance!

  23. Fabulous Halloween and fall decorations! I LOVE those golds, oranges and yellows against that blue door in the first photo. You should link this with Hootin Anni's temporary Halloween House Decor meme.

  24. You know I might just post some pictures of my fall decorations. I don't do a lot but I do like my front porch this year.
    I loved all of your awesome decorations. I liked the cross stitch you made a few years ago.
    This was a fun post and blessings for you!