Sunday, October 19, 2014

the committed pig

I have a new favorite eatery...
do you remember that awesome lunch I talked about on Sunday?
 It was here...
 the committed pig
When you walk in you see this...the place is packed.
There's a reason, the food is awesome!

 When you look up, you see this.
On the wall you see this...
"the chicken is involved but the pig is committed.
which one are you"?

 There was not one thing I did not Love about this place.

 Cute, cute, cute...

 I ordered grilled cheese and soup...
I have never ordered grilled cheese in a restaurant before...
this was so good, so crisp, so many cheeses...
there are no words to describe it.
And those cute little serving trays...adorable!

 Chuck ordered a burger, it's their specialty.
You can see it peaking out, just under the lettuce.
 And yes, there are 2 patties of a beef mix.
And waffle fries, ummm, I see a bite missing from one of
those waffle fries.
They were so good, the hubs does share.

 And as if Oreos are not good enough on their own,
they fry them here, in red velvet batter.

While we waited for our table, yes we waited a long time,
we wandered around this...

 Street Fair...

We learned how to make fresh mozzarella, with a sampling,

 we ran into My Poppy's Alpacas...

and I was able to spend a few special moments with Poppy
and these two beautiful, friendly

You leave your phone number with the hostess at the restaurant,
 and they send you a text, when your table is ready,
how cool is that!! 


  1. Looking good! You got my mouth watering. Yummy!

  2. Where? Where? Where?

    I also had to laugh, for in my effort to give up swearing, I have taken to yelling PIG!
    Maybe I can be their hostess? Or, I could walk around town yelling "PIG!"

  3. Debbie, everyone looks and sounds hubby would love the burgers.. What kind of soup did you order? Oreos in red velvet batter, I can not imagine..It is a cute place.. Thanks for sharing, happy Sunday!

  4. Looks like a great place! I'd be all over the burger, but the grilled cheese looks awesome, too. I personally prefer my pigs to be very committed.

  5. I wonder why chicken was not committed.

    Did the chicken lack of motivation like the pig?

  6. Looks perfect! I love all the details of the place - isn't it great when a restaurant takes the time to really create atmosphere like that?!

  7. that looks YUMMY! not sure about fried red velvet oreos, though. :)

  8. Wow!!Looks like a lovely place Debbie!!I sure like what Chuck order!!So yammy!!The Street Fair looks so interesting!I would love to learn how to make fresh mozzarella!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. That looks and sounds yummy! The Alpacas are cute too. lol

  10. Looks like a delightful place for a good lunch! Those alpacas are the cutest!

  11. Wow - I really like that. The food looks great. I was expecting it to be a bar-b-que place; we have one here that's just called "The Pig". :)

  12. Shhhh! Don't let more people know about our wonderful restaurant here in Manasquan! I can only get burgers here in the winter! Love your blog!

  13. I wish more restaurants spent the time on all the extras that make a place like so nice. Then I don't mind the wait.

  14. That restaurant looks like my kind of place :)

  15. This looks like the kind of place my son-in-law would open! He's into fresh, home-made and loves different cuts of meats. That grilled cheese made my mouth water. YUM!!!!

  16. The food looks yummy! I've never seen waffle fries that were so big. And I love that ceiling. Looks like a great place.

  17. All looks yummy to me and that is a great idea of them texting you when your order is ready.

  18. The restaurant is great. You spent a great day.

  19. mmmm

    I'm hungry all of a sudden.

    I love the committed vs involved quip

    Love the art for their image on the glass

  20. Sounds like a fun place. That soup looked yummy and so did the sandwiches and the fries. Believe it or not I'm not a fan of Oreo cookies so I'd pass on those because I don't like Red Velvet either. - It's always fun to find an eatery that you enjoy. I think you found a good one.

  21. I will wish to visit this one day; it is diffidently my kind of eatery. The pictures made my mouth water for a grilled cheese sandwich; it's such a comfort food. The fired Oreo's sound interesting; maybe delicious is a better word.
    Blessings and hugs!