Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ocean Grove!!

There are so many reasons why we love Ocean Grove,
and why we visit here so often.
It is just the cutest seaside community you will ever see,
at least in New Jersey.
The vibe is amazing, infectious.
If you have never been, you have to see it, to feel it.
I recently wrote about Tent City in Ocean Grove...
just in case you missed that entry,
it's really worth taking a peak. Here's a link to that entry!
These images are from an evening walk on August 8, 2014.

 That's the ocean in the back drop...
This is the Fletcher Lake area of Ocean Grove

 That's the lake in the background!!

 The hubs...

 I'm not sure why we went solo here and did not use the tripod,

 and me!!

 This "Little House" was sandwiched in among...

 These huge...



Where most parties are celebrated on the front lawn.
We saw so many that night!!
 August 8, 2014


  1. such a humble little place ;O)

    I see why ya like it so much.

  2. Love the little house with the rocking chair. the others are too over the top for my liking.

  3. Very nice photos of you and your husband! The mansions are quite impressive!

  4. What a lovely beach and sea front!

  5. It looks like a very fun place to visit. I love seeing those pictures. I love those festive houses too.

  6. wow. folks who like people live there. :)

  7. I love the baby alpacas, and the ducklings!!!

  8. Lovely pictures -- as always! Aren't those Victorian mansions fabulous? I think every beach town along the Jersey shore has some.

  9. What an amazing place!!! I can SEE why y'all love it so! You two are cutie patooties!!!! Love seeing your pics!

  10. It's sure a lovely place to visit Debbie!!Wonderful images!I like the little house,so cute!!You both are a happy couple!Always a joy seeing you happy and smiling!!Have a great week!!

  11. I love that quaint little town! Thanks for sharing, Debbie.

  12. I have never been there. Perhaps time for a road trip.

  13. I love the little house, but would want it off a bit by itself--not with those big McMansions hovering over me. What a pretty area.

  14. Oh, you do visit some beautiful areas. This looks like a great get away. I loved the small and large mansions. I especially love the pictures of the two of you. I would say they are priceless. Your cute smiles tell it all; you are enjoying the moments~

  15. I'll say it again; if it weren't for you guys I'd never go anywhere. :) LOVE the photos; such a pretty place to visit. :)

  16. What a pretty little place this is, Debbie.
    Those houses are gorgeous!

  17. That's a beautiful place! I can see why you enjoy it so much. Great photos of you two!

  18. Seeing your smiling faces always makes me smile, too. It's a lovely area and looks so festive. The little house is so enchanting. :)

  19. Beautiful place, I love seaside communities - but I think I prefer my party on the beach :-)

  20. Looks like a lovely and charming seaside town. Some really pretty homes and as always it's great to see you and the "hubs" enjoying yourselves.

  21. You two look so happy! It's such a wonderful place. I would love to go there some time. By the way, you asked about the sign on the picket fence....Dreamkeepers is a miniature horse farm!

  22. I just love Ocean Grove! My friend's grandmother owns an adorable B&B there and every bedroom has a different theme - you would love it!