Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's Get Organized...

I'm kinda' organized...o.k...let's be honest,
I'm an organizing junkie.
I am, and I am way beyond hiding that fact in shame.
Bring on the Martha Stewart comments...
I have heard them all.
For those who may enjoy this,
I'll share a few of my new organizing tools.
 On October 20th, I started a cleaning diary.
My vision is not very good and I can never remember
what I have cleaned and when I last cleaned it.
I thought this would help me keep track and keep the house clean.
I found a link online for these pretty, blank calenders here.

 I had a "To Do List" pad that ran out of paper.
I found this on line here, free to print.
I love the layout and colors and it's "free" you can't beat that!

 I printed a bunch and will hook them to a piece of cardboard
with a binder clip.
I also found this perpetual calender here, free to print, as well.
To list all your important family birthday's and anniversaries.
I had one that was very old and all the names were fading.
 I like this one, it is colorful and compact...

 and just the right size to hang on the inside of my pantry door!!
So there, some, of my dirty little organizing secrets,
I hope you enjoyed them!!


  1. Hello Debbie, there's nothing wrong with being organized.. I like the birthday reminder, cute.. Have a happy day!

  2. Being organized is always a good thing. I have a board that my girls made me..the idea came from pinterest. It hangs on the wall and has ribbons that hang down for each month. On these ribbons are little chalkboard clips with the name and day of each of the 21 members of my family's birthdays. I love it!

  3. Awesome organizing tips! I think I will put them to good use! It seems I am always forgetting something. I keep a planner on my desk and try to take notes, but I could use a perpetual birthday calendar to keep track of when to send cards, and a cleaning schedule and to do list would help me immensely. Better get my printer working!

    (And, btw, I've already followed your example and gotten some business cards for my blog printed. You have a knack for coming up with good ideas!)

  4. A cleaning diary. How sweet.

    (what is...'cleaning'?)

  5. i'm here. i'm laughing at the cleaning diary. :)

    but i keep a similar birthday listing and have for years. :)

  6. i have one for anniversaries, too. :)

  7. I blame my lack of organizing skills on my stars - I am a Gemini, and can never be happy if I am doing only one thing, so it looks like I never do anything...
    But you gotta work with what the Good Lord gave you (or what comes free off the 'net!!)

  8. Okay, pal, move over! I, too, am anal about organizing! I think it's our Virgo trait! I used to keep paper organizers -- legal pads, small booklets, etc. Now, my to-do lists are kept in the computer. I just set them up on MS Outlook, and refer to them as needed. (Of course, my trusty sidekick, who helps me, isn't quite as fond of my organization skills!!)

  9. Well!

    Congratulations on being so organized. I missed that gene unfortunately.

    Hanging my head in shame. :)


  10. I must have been standing in the "procrastinator" line when they were handing out the "organized" gene. But I love these printables....THANKS! I girl can try :)

  11. Oh gosh I have been cleaning and I was thinking about you the whole time and how you got your house cleaned last winter top to bottom. I love these so I of course will be clicking on each link and printing these out. I do love charts and calendars. Thank you so much Debbie,
    Happy Cleaning!

  12. Went looking for a simple planner with just the month spread over two pages. It was $25 in WALMART!! Checked other planners other places. they are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. What happened? I get two lovely calendars at Xmas. I am writing January apps like, um, now. Will print my own for now, thank you. And THANK YOU for reminding me to do it.

    Am also an organization freak.

    Organizationally yours, m & jb ( ;0 )

  13. No pointing fingers here, I truly admire your organizational skills. I need a few of these :)

  14. I commend you for being so organized. Go for it and who can beat that

  15. Hello Debbie!Its nice to be organized but i don't like lists or planns,i used to do that!Thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh Debbie -- you are too good for the likes of me ;>)... Those are really all great tips that I could definitely have used when we lived in a "real" house (a large two story one) -- especially when it was full of kids .... but even after they were grown and gone.

    Now we live in tiny spaces and it is well nigh impossible even for me to forget to keep things neat and clean (a good thing, because I am getting older by the minute). Anyway, you can pretty much see everything at a glance; there's no way to hide dirt and disorder, so everything gets kept spiffy (but of course it doesn't take very long to do that).

  17. Yeah--I've got those too. I think we may be a tad OCD? I don't mind as I cannot stand clutter--of any kind, so I have schedules, and calendars and file folders for gardening and home maintenance and...on and on! It helps keep us sane!

  18. I'm always fascinated to see how people stay organized. Cool ideas!

  19. At least you can admit it! LOL! Nothing wrong with that.

  20. You are organized, and i think it's great! I like your tools.

    I have spells in which I'm very organized, and then I get sloppy with it. I have too much information scattered in too many place. Sigh.

  21. This one may be an answer to prayer. I have been trying to get myself better organized. Thanks for all the links and the bonus that they are free.
    Loved this and blessings for sharing it.