Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Talk Taco's

I love Taco's but I have never found a restaurant that serves them,
the way I like them.
So it's one "dish" I make at home because
the hubs and I really love Taco's!!
There's a lot of prep work...
and just one side dish that is a must have with Taco's,
Roasted Red Potatoes with one whole, large sweet onion,
and lots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
I also add a few pats of butter on top!
The onions are the best part.
We use our "Mexican" plates.
Meat, Cheese, extra crunchy lettuce and a huge dollop of Sour Cream
We polished off all of those yummy potatoes,
I think they may have been the better then the Taco's.

Now let's talk about the leftover's!!
We had meat left over, but no potatoes.

Now lets have some fun with left-overs!
Zip open that bag of Fritos, right at the top,
leaving lot's of room for your fillings.

Add your meat and cheese, right in to the bag.

add some lettuce and sour cream,

and a fork...

and now you've got a Walking Taco!!

Thank me later, they were amazing!
Great for the big game or a kids party.
They were delish!


  1. I LOVE tacos and the potatoes look easy to fix and delicious!

  2. Keep them warm, I'm on my way!!!!
    My goodness, this looks like such a yummy meal, Debbie.

  3. Love tacos, but the Mister doesn't :( I make them when the kids come home. Love your South of the boarder dishes. Perfect for a festive meal.

  4. Love tacos, but the Mister doesn't :( I make them when the kids come home. Love your South of the boarder dishes. Perfect for a festive meal.

  5. We love tacos - we had them about 2 weeks ago. I love the idea of potatoes and onions as a side!

  6. Oh...I love tacos, but ya gotta have mexican rice on the side!

  7. walking taco. you crack me up!

    now i do like tacos at home. :)

  8. WOW I cannot express just how hungry I am now. Great shots. I want Tacos and Red Potatoes right now. MMMMMM
    Hugs B

  9. Chętnie bym to danie spróbowała, pewno pyszne patrząc na składniki. Pozdrawiam.
    I'd love to try this dish, definitely delicious looking at the ingredients. Yours.

  10. We had taco salad before the game! Great minds!!

  11. I love Mexican food and tacos are a favorite of mine, too! I'll have to try the walking tacos, great idea. And I love your plates!

  12. I love tacos and now you are making me hungry. I love the Mexican plates you served them on.
    They serve walking tacos sometimes at the high school ballgames.

  13. That collection of cupcake liners is what's caught my eye!

  14. I like the way you think! I make similar roasted potatoes and it's the onions I like the best. I've actually thought about leaving the potatoes out but then, I love the potatoes too.

  15. I love me some tacos! I really like taco salads! I never thought of having the potatoes with them, but they look very good! I like Fritos so the walking taco would be right up my alley.

  16. Oh, I love the waking Taco idea! Just looking at your pictures makes my mouth water, yummy!!!
    Have a great week!

  17. i love these new meal posts you keep doing - so fun. thanks, for all these ideas. i love tacos ... maybe me feel like a kid again. mom did them for a nice & fun meal ... usually near the weekend. ( :

  18. I can just tell from your pictures they were yummy and it was also obvious that you and hubby enjoyed them very much....Now I want a taco......

  19. I just had dinner and they look just great. I love the walking taco too.
    The other night I fixed Pioneer Woman's tacos and they were fantastic. I just love tacos. Your potatoes looked wonderful too.

  20. I love Tacos too! But, I am the only one in my family that does love them. My hubby would love your potatoes. Looks like a yummy meal to me! BTW, I love your mexican plates. Have a happy day!

  21. I'll have to give this one a try, my boys will love it!

  22. Let me know when your next Taco party is: I'll be right over!
    This looks delicious. Sadly, hubby doesn't do Mexican!

  23. When I reached the last part of this post, Debbie, I thought you would put all the leftovers including Chios in a casserole...wonder if that would work for leftovers?

  24. We love taco's... never thought of having them with roasted potatoes...but that sounds wonderful!!! Will try it.

  25. I have been looking more at your decorations than at the tacos...
    The water pitcher and the lighthouse thing are my favourites!!

  26. Welcome Debbie!
    Lovely pictures. Delicious food.
    At the sight, my mouth is watering.
    I send greetings.

  27. It is time to start dinner and yours looks betters than mine will.
    We are having soup tonight. I loved your taco meal and I enjoyed the tutorial.
    Blessings for this one; I will maybe your taco recipe tomorrow.