Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Winter Wonderland!!

Where do I start, last night, we got snow!
And not just a dusting, we got a foot, one foot of snow.
Excitement overload.
When I went to bed, it had just changed over from rain to snow.
I kept thinking, how am I going to sleep...I was so excited.
The hubs and I got up at 4 a.m., he has snow clean-up responsibilities,
I have picture taking responsibilities.
It was still dark so I waited patiently by the window.
The snow was still falling, everything looked gorgeous.
Enough jibber-jabber, let me show you how beautiful
everything looked.
I took hundreds of bird pictures, these three are my favorites!
So how about you guys, did you get much snow?
Are you excited when you know it's coming?
I love a good storm, hot coco and comfort food.
Last night, I made meatloaf and whipped potatoes,
my very most favorite comfort food of all time!
I hope you are all having a fun filled day!!


  1. Debbie, you have a beautiful winter wonderland there. A foot of snow? I am glad you love it so. Love the birds shots and the snowy scenes. The cocoa and comfort food sound great to me. I love meatloaf too. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  2. oh, you did great! beautiful snowfall on the limbs. perfect bird shots! :)

  3. gorgeous shots Debbie - i live through my snowy blog friend views. the snow looks so soft & pretty. love how it falls.

    my post today is for you - when you get moment would you check it out? please.

    do you ever make snow ice cream? or is that a southern thing?

    big big snowy hugs. ( :

  4. Perfection! Love the sky in your shots...and the birds, of course! We haven't gone outside yet! You can feel the weight of the snow on those branches. And the close ups are beautiful.

  5. It looks so pretty. It sounds like a perfect day and I love your bird pictures they are just lovely.

  6. The green jealousy monster inside my head is making it's presence known..

  7. So many beautiful shots! At least you got out. Most people would stay in bed or on the couch.

  8. Debbie, I have been thinking of you. The snow is beautiful. I love the lighting in your snow photographs. All of the photos are lovely, and you dinner sounds delicious. I posted a picture on pinterest just for you. I suspect you will guess which one. If not let me know and I will lead you to it:) Bonnie

  9. You certainly received your portion of the snow. Excellent pictures.


  10. Your photos are beautiful. I love a good old fashioned stay at home snow storm!!! Your comfort food makes it even better!!!

  11. Your photos are gorgeous, Debbie! The bird shots are excellent! I'm glad you take your picture taking responsibilities so well. :)
    The comfort food sounds good.

  12. We got snow yesterday too, 11 inches. I'm excited, and even managed to go for a walk in it today! Terrific shots Debbie! The bird portraits are ab fab!

  13. Beautiful! I live in GA where snow is rare. So I really enjoy looking at your pictures!

  14. Beautiful pictures.Even though we have snow from November to maybe March or sometimes April,I still think it is beautiful and love a good storm.

  15. Gorgeous snow pictures and I love the colorful birds!

  16. Beautiful photographs! A winter wonderland indeed! I loved the photo of the red cardinal too :)
    Stay warm and safe xo

  17. A foot of snow.

    How am I going to think over here in order to get my imagination right?

  18. Oh I was as excited as you I was up waiting for the sun to get up to see the beauty.
    Your photos are beautiful I can feel the cold and the peace.
    Those Cardinals are amazing in the whiteness.
    OK I love your comfort food I will be over next time:) Hug B

  19. Oh, WOW! That IS lovely! I am seriously very envious.

    Yes, I love it when a big storm hits and all you can do is hunker in and enjoy. I love it when the world is shut down for the afternoon or a day...and you just have to enjoy it. :)

    Have fun for me, will ya?

  20. Your snow shots are beautiful, Debbie. The birds are so pretty against the snow.
    We are expecting snow here tomorrow. Our snowstorm is named Orko.

  21. It certainly is beautiful Debbie, especially the pictures of the birds. Their colors come to life against the backdrop of snow. Enjoy!

  22. Fun to see the snow and birds in snow photos, Debbie. We do miss the ones we used to get in NJ. Our favorite after the snow place to be was Double Trouble State Park. Only rain here in VA. And your plans for hot cocoa and meatloaf dinner were perfect comfort foods on a snowy day.

  23. We got about eight inches here. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual.

  24. Those cardinals are so colorful in the snow. All so beautiful. Enjoyed your Sunday series, too.

  25. I love snow storms except if I have to be out in it for very long. We had another snow storm yesterday and it is really beautiful outside. I love your pictures and especially the bird one. You take such awesome pictures.
    Thanks and blessings to you!

  26. That first photo is just gorgeous! It would be a great wall hanger! Love your bird photos! You're getting awesome cardinal shots!