Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's All About Purple ~ In Print!!

Two more books, on the bookshelf...
I adore seeing my blog in print!!
This is the front of book number two,
July 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011
This is the photograph I chose for the back.
229 entries, 392 pages
A peak inside...
This is the front of book number three,
January 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
This is the picture I choose for the back.
151 entries, 240 pages
It feels great to have taken the time to print my memories and pictures.
For some reason, it has become very important to me.
Soon, I will take time to print the second half of 2012
and then I will be all "caught up"!
I will print every six months from this point forward,
because it brings me tremendous joy!


  1. What a great idea....With your photography talent it's wonderful that you are recording all your great shots in a book...What a treasure to go back and recall all those precious memories...

  2. so cool. i keep meaning to get started - but yet to do so. what am i waiting on? no clue. ha. ha!! ( :

  3. Debbie, your books look beautiful. They are a great way to relive all your wonderful memories. Have a happy weekend!

  4. So cool Debbie. I should do this.

  5. Very nice! Did you use a professional company to do it?

  6. Dear Debbie!
    Your books are great.
    You're doing great pictures, which you put in the books.
    It's good to get back to happy memories.

  7. It is a wonderful thing to do not to mention having all of your photographs in a book like that.
    I keep meaning to do it. The books look great.

  8. How did you do this? Do you use a particular company? They turned out great. :)

  9. I was wondering the same things as Nancy Claeys. They look like a great way to preserve what you have done.

  10. You go, Girl! Nice to keep your memories next to you being away from the screen ;) happy you are doing better with health (one more time!!!) You are real living inspiration for many of us :)

  11. Wonderful! I have wanted to do this. You have inspired me.

  12. That's fantastic! It looks like they do a very good job with the books.

  13. I've been thinking about it since the last time you mentioned it. I think I would like to do that, too. They look grea!

  14. Oh Debbie, how cool. These look great. What a great momento of all you work on your blog. Glad to hear you are going to keep them up to date.
    I'm actually thinking of doing this myself. :)

  15. THose books are very special. I am sure they are and will be a treasure for years to come.

  16. I love so much that you are printing your blog. I have to follow in your footsteps and do the same.

  17. Lookin' good! I was thinking I should go to a 6-month cycle on publishing too. The one-year book I just did gives me an upper body workout just lifting it!

  18. Like others, I would love to know who you had these printed with and if the process was easy....

  19. I totally get it... to have something you've created and that will last forever, in print is a wonderful feeling!

  20. This is something I keep intending to do, but "putting off".
    Do you mind letting me know what publisher you used? I also have a couple of other questions. You can e-mail me at if you'd like.
    I can imagine how wonderful it is to have your blog posts in print.

  21. Debbie, add me to the list of compliment ears. Getting a book done is a great idea and while I am not sure if I would want to do one of our blog, I along with others would like to know the ...who, what, where, and approximate cost. Sorry if I missed this info in an earlier post of yours. Could you perhaps repeat it in a separate post or email me as I do not usually return to comments once posted. thanks much!

  22. Oh Debbie this makes me so happy. I was excited the very first time I seen your first book but to know you are almost caught up makes me very happy.
    I know how much love goes into every post and to see it in print and to preserve it for family is what it is all about for me also. I copy mine and keep in a binder for the same reason but I think the book idea is the way to go. I am pretty sure if I was at your house I would be busy looking through all those All About Purple books. They are truly beautiful and your photos are stunning.
    Hugs B

  23. I need to catch up too. I am so behind!

  24. Those are really nice!!

  25. My dear friend, I cannot even begin to tell you how phenomenal this is, that you do this!!! WOW and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    As for my own blog, I would have to seriously mull it over ... while there are certainly posts I've written myself that I would like in hard copy (i.e. the one about the jar of my mother's old buttons), I also share alot of news content, videos, et al ... and unfortunately I take no photos... but it IS an intriguing possibility!

  26. What an intriguing possibility!! Of, course, if I were to do it, it would cost a lot!!!
    I think it would be so much easier to dip back into the past, with the books, rather than on line!

  27. Debbie, I'm your newest fan. your blog is beautiful. I also print my blog but use Blurb Publisher. I can download my blog directly into their program. I do it about every four months and have 35 books now. I, too, want to remember my blog and the photos I made. xo Jenny