Thursday, February 7, 2013

Honey for your Honey

I love detours & back roads...
As we roamed around the back roads of Howell Township recently,
we stumbled upon this...

Well, we didn't really stumble, we've been to the
before, but I wanted to see what it looked like during the winter months!
It was open,
and this adorable bee on the gate, greeted us!

And how sweet is this?? Honey for your Honey!!
It sure does make you want to buy some!

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  1. that's really cute. you could totally link up to Friday's Fences with this one, too!


  2. oh, i love that ... honey for your honey. so cute!!

    i'm curious - how much snow is your neck of the woods calling for? we are hoping for a bit around here.

    i agree with Teresa - please link it up for FF.

    love ya Debbie. have a great weekend. please stay warm & cozy. you take the greatest trips. thanks, for sharing. big big hugs. ( :

  3. Local honey is the best! Tastes better, works better for a cough than any of that stuff from the pharmacy, and really does help with allergies. You should totally buy some.

  4. So did you buy some honey for your honey? :0)

  5. That is so cute, honey for your honey.

  6. That honey of yours is sure a lucky guy. Now pair that honey with cinnamon and you can cure just about anything. or so they say!!

  7. Oh, I love honey! That's winter???

  8. Oh I love honey for your honey:) Hug B

  9. Cripes Deb -- is it summer there or what?

  10. So ... didja?

    I am totally in love with this sign!!! I sure hope you go back now and then to see what changes happen here for Spring & Summer!

  11. I love honey. I have a great recipe for honey cake I need to share sometime!

  12. a wonderfully sweet heart to greet a wonderfully sweet person:-)