Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Yarn Along & Other Things...

I am still working on the Trellis Shawl
I started this shawl on July 20th and it feels like it is taking forever.

oh wait you say, it is taking forever...I know!

The good news is, 
I have started to decrease which means that I have passed the halfway point.
In all fairness to me, I have been very busy with other work related things,
and I am a slow knitter.

I did a little decorating outside for fall, mums, pumpkins...a little scarecrow by the birdhouse.

I don't "do" Halloween, just a mature fall theme.
I am trying to decide if I want to decorate inside.
It would just be for me, we have not had any company during the pandemic.

Today, I am having my windows professionally cleaned, 
outside only as I prefer not to have strangers in the house, even if they are wearing masks.
They finished up as I was still writing this post, the windows look awesome.

We watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix
I thought it was excellent, just a little repetitive toward the end.
I will think of it often when I pick up my phone.

I watched The Home Edit on Netflix
it was good but they worked on Reese Witherspoon's closet.
It was fun to watch but I was watching so that I would learn something about organizing.
I didn't!

I do like this pantry, 
I just cleaned mine out the other day and it looks nothing like this.
My pantry is pretty small!

I was able to take another ride on the Bluebird of Happiness (my bike) today,
it was so cool outside I needed a sweatshirt.
The bad news is, I fell again.
My ride Monday was so good, so super fun, falling Tuesday was a real disappointment.
I didn't get hurt, just my pride...
Still, life is good, we are both healthy, I hope you are as well!


  1. There was a time when someone with masks on in your home was a scary thought. Oh how times have changed.

    That shawl will be so beautiful when it’s done. It will be worth all that effort.

    I’m glad you weren’t hurt in the fall from your bike. Well do I know how that feels. It is a real hit to the pride but so good when there are no injuries.

  2. I am not surprised that you didn't learn anything about organizing...I have had a peek into your pantry:) Sorry for the fall but hope you won't be detoured.

  3. Debbie, I used to long for a well organized closet, but I would love thee pantry more. LOL. So good you get out on your bike. Blessings, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

  4. If only my pantry shelves looked anything like that.

  5. We turned the coat closet in our apt here into a pantry (not as cool as the one you show) , but now, since we’re staying here this year (not going to Florida) I’m wondering what we’ll do with the wet coats and gloves and winter crud that we don’t usually have to deal with. (First thing will be take all that stuff out of the packing box in the garage....but not yet!). Somehow, I doubt if Reese Witherspoon’s pantry is gonna’ be much help ))).

  6. that is great that you are on your way to getting your shawl done, hey you know they say great things takes time, so this is going to be one wonderful shawl. Your front yard is looking great, there are a few halloween type things I put out but like you most of my stuff is more Autumn decorating.
    I hadn't heard of the first show you talked about, but I had heard those girls were getting their own show, will have to check it out.
    Sorry to hear about another fall, I worry about you hurting yourself, I give you credit though, I would not get back on it. I fell Saturday when I tripped over the vacuum cord, bruised my knee inside but not in much pain thankfully!

  7. Hello,

    Your yard decorations look pretty. I love the shawl, the color is one of my favorites. Sorry about your fall, I am glad you were not hurt. The pantry looks nice, very big too. Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. I love your Bluebird of Happiness...and I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Hope you have a beautiful day today!

  9. I have decorated for fall this year, first day of September because for the first time since I was married I have a real mantel. I love your pumpkin in the yard. I did my windows a couple of weekends. I am sorry you fell. One of my friends was riding her grand kids electric scooter. She fell. Wow, was she banged up.
    I am so glad you weren't hurt.
    Have a wonderful day Debbie, I love your scarf.