Monday, July 20, 2020

It's Hot & Humid...

It's been hot and humid here at the Jersey Shore,
almost too hot for the pool!
The pool water has warmed up with these hot temperatures 
and on my trusty new thermometer, the water temperature reads 90 degrees.
The water is "wet" but not really refreshing.

Indoor fun is no problem for me, 
I keep busy easily and enjoy being indoors as much as I enjoy being outdoors.
Right now, with this heat, indoors is best.

I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf
No drumroll, no it looks fabulous, it took me a pathetic amount of time to knit this,
and I have not earned any accolades. 
I was making this for my Rhinebeck trip, 
Leanne was making a sweater with the same yarn and pattern...
we were going to wear them on the same day,
Now that the Festival has been cancelled, some of the excitement is gone.

It has to be washed and blocked, blocking this will be a chore because it is so long,
but it will be a good inside project during this super hot weather.


I neeeeeeeded yarn...
Well not really but I kinda' wanted yarn for a new project.
Leanne was kind enough to leave yarn from the Coop on her front porch, 
and I in turn left her the money. 

Next she emailed me the pattern and I sent her the following text...
"Are you out of your mind, I can't do this"!!
She sent me one of those GIF's, "you can do it" and somehow I believed I could...
but you see how far I got.
I had 3 tries starting it BUT, I think I understand it now, so this first part should go well,
I think, I hope, I pray!

I made a "to do" list this morning, 11 things...I crossed off 6 and I am pretty happy with that!
I have a toothache, I went to the dentist and I have an abscess under 2 teeth,
both have to be pulled.
The earliest date they have to pull the teeth is July 31st, that's 2 weeks from now!!!!!!
Please pray for the hubs, I am only a tad cranky!

Another exciting day in the books!


eileeninmd said...


It has been too hot lately and no rain here. Congrats on finishing the scarf, I love the Irish hiking scarf. Good luck on your new project. Take care! Have a great new week!

R's Rue said...


Changes in the wind said...

On no not tooth problems and you have to wait so long to get it taken care of. Yes we have a pool and not nearly as big as yours and it like bath water with the heat. Your new project looks interesting:)

Farm Girl said...

What a nice project. Its so hard to do things right now. I thought of that reading how you got yarn. I am so sorry about your toothache. I hope it just goes away. Good for you getting all of that stuff done on your to do list. I am all unpacked so for the first time in months, nothing on my to do list. I am kind of lost.
Now that we don't have a pool, it does make me think of those days when it was to hot to swim.
Hang in there Debbie. Have a great Monday!

Marie Smith said...

The first time in years I feel a sensitivity in a tooth. My appointment is September. I’ll never get to see the dentist before then. Good luck with that pain, Debbie.

You can do that pattern! Confidence!

Karen said...

THe weather here is the same. The scarf is very nice, I like the cableknit.

Sally said...

Oh no, poor you and hubs! :(

I always love the colors you work with, Debbie. You have a good eye, and do such pretty work. :)


DeniseinVA said...

Hi Debbie, your Irish Hiking Scarf is gorgeous! I will give you all the accolades for this beautiful work of art. Your yarn color choices are so my cup of tea. I’m glad that Leanne persevered :) Your new project is going to be really beautiful! Sorry to learn of your teeth problems. I have been there with that same problem. I will pray for hubs, lol! I have a cute bear mug and underneath it says ‘grumpy’. I bring it out to show hubs so that he can be aware. He laughs, I laugh and that’s the end of grumpiness! But seriously, I feel for you.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I think that scarf looks lovely. I understand the letdown feeling when plans have to be cancelled . I am sure you can get that new project underway. You’ve got this!

Rian said...

I had to laugh, Debbie... when I saw the pattern instructions. My first thought would have been, "Well that's definitely not happening..." but sometimes it just takes carefully paying attention to what you're doing. Right now I'm staying with simple as my mind is too full of other things. Your scarf is beautiful. Do block it or it will curl.

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like the Irish Hiking Scarf beautifully photographed by those lovely blooms :)

Sorry to read about your tooth, hope you and the hubs manage the next two weeks ok ...

All the best Jan

Hena Tayeb said...

All our outdoor activities have come to a grinding halt with this unbearable heat.

Sally said...

Debbie-I couldn't find your email. The purple flower is mexican petunia. It's on long stems and dies back in winter. :)


Conniecrafter said...

Wow that water is almost getting close to a nice hot tub heat, helpful for those hurting aches throughout the body :)
Sorry the event was cancelled for now but next one you will be ready to go :)
That is a really pretty color of yarn, so we have to guess or wait to see what this new project is going to be? That does look like a fun pattern to do, but I do have confidence in you too :)
Hope that tooth doesn't give you too much trouble until you can get it taken care of!

LeAnn said...

Wow, I am so sad that you have two teeth that need to be pulled and you have to wait. I think that is awful. I would be cranky too. I don't mind being inside at all either. I have much to do and I enjoy most of the things I do. Right now in the evening, our patio is a wonderful place to hang out and read or just enjoy. I know what it is like to have a pool that is too warm. We took some photos of a Robin tonight that was out on our lawn looking for worms. She has a nest on one side of our house that I need to get a photo of.
I do know what it is like to have a pool that is too warm to enjoy. We lived in Las Vegas for 7 years.
I love your Irish Hiking Scarf; it looks lovely. I am sad you can't go to your favorite get away this year with dear friends.
I'm happy you could get some yarn to do a project and also that you are learning how to do it. You can do it; I know that. I will look forward to this project; I love the color.
Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way! Also, thanks for you comments on my blog post. I love being your friend.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth pain and that you have to lose 2 teeth. The irish scarf is gorgeous and your new project does look complicated but you had made a good start. it will be worthwhile persevering in the long run, it always is.

21 Wits said...

A very cool way to spend the hot day!