Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Point Pleasant Inlet

It is a pathway for boats to and from the Atlantic Ocean...
It is the place the hubs and I went on our first date...
It suffered a lot of damage during 
Super Storm Sandy

But the town has rebuilt the surrounding area making it better than ever.
Everything pictured here is new and I can't wait for summer to see everyone enjoying it.
There are so many picnic tables and benches, 
all are wonderful improvements to the area.

There were a lot of the Long Tailed Ducks on this day.
They are so incredibly adorable, a diving duck associated with open seas in winter.
This is a male, I saw and photographed some females as well, 
I'm saving those pictures for the Saturday Critter Party.
I have learned just this year, 
that there are a lot of beautiful ducks that visit and stay here during the Winter.
This is another of the ducks that will only be here for the season.


  1. Hello, the inlets can be great places to find the sea ducks. It is a pretty place. Your Long-tailed Duck photo is gorgeous! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. It is indeed a gorgeous duck. There are thousands of them on Lake Ontario right now.

  3. Everything looks new and just waiting to be used. So nice they fixed it.

  4. Beautiful inlet and park! They did a nice job rebuilding. Gorgeous Long Tailed!

  5. What a nice spot to visit. Great place to take the camera and hang out.

  6. I love everything about where you live!

  7. What a fine looking duck! We are hoping to get outside tomorrow. I want to go somewhere....anywhere! heehee! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs!

  8. Such a wonderful re-build - it looks charming and will be enjoyed by so many. I love seeing the duck... such a fine fellow with that dash of pink across the beak. Cheers !

  9. Lovely to see all of your photographs, that child's play area looks so colourful.
    Sweet picture of the Long Tailed Duck.

    Enjoy this last February day and happy wishes for March.

    All the best Jan

  10. Such a pretty duck!

    That is a beautiful park! How wonderful that it was repaired and improved.

  11. What a romantic spot for a first date!

    Love the duck. He is an original!

  12. The new structures look lovely. Ready and waiting for the summer crowds.

  13. Debbie that is a great shot of the Long tailed duck. Lovely spot.

  14. Always so good to see them rebuilding after these bad storms and to be better than before!

  15. Its so nice to see how pretty things are again. I just remembered the heart break of seeing it destroyed.
    Lovely pictures today.

  16. What a gorgeous place for folks to gather and enjoy the day and nature!

  17. Oh Debbie, this looks like such a lovely area and I am happy that they have rebuilt it for you to be able to enjoy. It would be an especially sweet place because you had your first date there.
    It kind of reminds me that I have great hope that they will rebuild Paradise, California because I we lived there and bought our first home there. I would love to go back and see it again. I feel so sad to know that our first home was distroyed by the fire. I can empathize over the destruction in your area..
    I really enjoyed these photos and the bird is a lovely one.
    Sending loving thoughts, hugs and blessings your way!