Monday, February 25, 2019

Asbury Park, New Jersey

I love Asbury Park, a small seaside city on the New Jersey Coast.
 It is famous for it's beautiful sandy shore 
and beachfront boardwalk... 
lined with shops, arcades, cafes, bars and restaurants. 
It is also notorious for it's live music venues which include the 
Stone Pony and the Wonder Bar.
New Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi started their careers here.

Through the years, 
the area has become blighted but there is a big push to 
bring Asbury Park back to what it once was.
I still see it's beauty, I grew up in the area and remember...
Asbury Park was where it's at.

After eating at Modine we took a drive, admiring some new construction.
We happened upon these older apartment buildings that had been given a face lift of sorts.
I believe this art work is new, I have never seen it before.

This type of art would not fit in every town, but it does in Asbury Park.
Some were signed by the artist "PORKCHOP
I think these paintings/murals are exactly what Asbury Park needs.

You can find information about PORKCHOP here.


  1. Hello, the murals are pretty. They look huge too. I love the heron, the irises and bunny. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  2. São de uma grande beleza estes murais, gostei bastante e aproveito para desejar uma boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  3. They are all fav is the fox!

  4. These are such interesting pieces of art Debbie, great photos! They look wonderful on the buildings.
    I've googled Pork Chop the artist and have been amazed at all of his other murals - quite a collection.

    1. i was going to share a link to his site but information on these particular murals was not included in his bio. he has done a lot of mural work up on the asbury park boardwalk, his site talks about those pieces. he is a very talented man!

  5. The murals are stunning. Nice work photographing them.

  6. I find those murals very attractive. I think more could be done to enhance the image of a town by using them more often. It is a common practice in Europe but it does not seem to have caught on to any extent in North America. Let us hope that the grafitti vandals don't deface them.

  7. Oh MY GOSH those are some of the prettiest I've ever seen! Love them! That would be so neat to live there, then you could say "I live in the peacock building".....or "I live in the seahorse building!". LOL My favorite one is the peacock....did you have a favorite??

  8. those painting are amazing its agreat art

  9. A great way to brighten an area! Beautiful work!

  10. My favorite is the roses above the door:)

  11. Those are some gorgeous murals! Wow!

  12. I think the fox is my favorite but they are all neat.

  13. Wow!
    great murals. Debbie, your photos are perfect.

  14. Great murals.
    I've actually never been to Asbury Park.. I know it has some great restaurants and we always think about going down there but haven't yet.

  15. That is beautiful Debbie, I am so glad you took pictures. I think that Pork Chop guy is wonderful. How fun!

  16. I think that is a great way to bring life to these buildings.

  17. Debbie - given my husband's addiction to Bruce, I am very familiar with Asbury Park. So excited to see this type of facelift! The murals are eye-popping. I would have a hard time choosing a favorite, but I am leaning toward the peacock!!! Have a wonderful week.

  18. Wow, that does spruce up the buildlings a lot. I loved the art work and it looked lovely on the buildings. I was just watching a new show from here the other day showing different areas that had art like this. It is unique for sure. Thanks for sharing it and I am happy they are helping Asbury Park be even better.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. Interesting art work and it certainly brightens up those flats

  20. My town of Luray has quite a few murals. I love them.

    Someday maybe I will get to see Asbury Park.

  21. Wow those are amazing, to be able to create art at that big of sizes is just so out of this world to me, and they are very tastefully done, always good to see when cities are trying to bring their towns back to life and show they care about the place they live.

  22. They are all beautiful, and I think the bunny is the cutest, it's expression looks so real to life.

  23. You know I LOVE ART. I love that places around us have been using the open CANVAS of their outside walls! These are great. Esp love the purple Iris. Course its all about the purple but the Iris is the TN state flower also. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Love these murals Debbie, they are very nice indeed.

    All the best Jan