Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Blending In...

My little song birds are returning to the feeders...slowly.
This is a Song Sparrow and I see this bird in my yard year round. 
I don't usually photograph these Sparrows 
as they rarely fly up in to the trees or feed at the feeders.
They always eat off the ground, and blend right in.
Yesterday, this little Sparrow was bouncing around, right in front of the window...
and since no one else was around, he received my full attention.
They don't usually get much attention because they are so abundant and familiar,
but if you look at their elaborate feather pattern and long tail, they certainly should.

It was 60 degrees here yesterday, 
so I went down to the inlet to see what ducks I could find, without freezing.
Turns out, going in the cold really pays off, as none of the ducks I featured yesterday were around.
The moral of the story, if you want to see the "good" ducks, you have to freeze,
and I'm fine with that!


  1. You are quite right when you state that we pay insufficient attention to the plainer birds. They deserve our admiration too. When the males start to sing in the spring they become even more attractive too.

  2. aww sweet boids

    Don't get heat stroke up there

  3. Oh, the little plain Jane is not really so plain! Love the detailed photos and don't they sing so sweetly? Glad you are getting warm weather - send some this way, will you? x K

  4. How sweet is the little sparrow. Isn't nature amazing with it's magic of camouflage.

  5. Love those little guys! Beautiful photos!

  6. The Song Sparrow may not be colourful, but he is still pretty and has an amazing song.

  7. I am glad that those song sparrow got to have his day in the sun, no pun intended.
    Really? No ducks? Oh well. I am glad there was someone around the bird feeder.

  8. Is it a tree sparrow? Such pretty markings!

  9. They do blend!! At the ranch, I can be lloking right at the edge of a field and then all of a sudden many birds fly straight up. And I never see them in the grass.

  10. Perfect camouflage...and your shots are so precise!

  11. He's a real sweetie, I love those stripes in his feathers. Close up photos always contain a surprise so it was lovely seeing yours thanks Debbie :D)

  12. We have a wide range of these birds too in our area, but I do like how they are all just a little different in their patterns and the way they go about eating. Now I do hate to freeze, so I probably won't see many, although Greg is itching to go up North were the Eagles are right now, I may have to do that :)