Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 268 ~

Last Saturday we went to the BeachLake of the Lilies, and then the Inlet.
All in Point Pleasant Beach, all within 5 minutes of each other.
Today, I'll share what we saw and photographed at the inlet.

As we arrived, The Mikayla Alexa was just heading out to the ocean!!

We saw a lot of Common Loons

But the star of the show today were the...

Long Tailed Ducks

There were so many on Saturday and seeing this duck was a first for me.
According to my bird book, they can only be seen in this area during the winter.

So, of course, I took a hundred pictures...not really, okay, I really did.

I was watching them watching me...
in this picture you can see how they got their name and just how long their tails are.

I like this image of it's back, showing off the beautiful feather pattern!!

They are busy ducks, diving frequently and staying under for quite a spell.

And of course the water way out was so much better than the water close to the shoreline!
This is another good image of the long tail on the duck to the right.

I think they look like little poodles.

This is the female, she looked a bit different, not quite as pretty.

In reading about this beautiful diving duck, my book said it is common, but declining.
It is a frequent diver and is associated with open seas in winter.
Only the male sports the long tale.
Once again...the boys get everything!!

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  1. I love the long tailed ducks. They are so pretty and they sure look like they are having a great time. Water color looks beautiful. I am just a hop skip and jump away from the lake but of course our water in the lake is not that pretty. Wishing I lived closer to the beach...beach, water and sand is good for the soul and body.

  2. I don't know if it is their coloring or what but they don't look real. Look more like a stuffed animal to me. The picture of the back of that one is amazing...

  3. Oh, gorgeous pictures! The blue water and white plumage are a great combination! Good looking boat, too.

  4. Hello, Debbie! The Long-tailed Duck is beautiful. One of my favorite winter ducks, along with the Harlequin. Awesome series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post today. Happy Saturday and have a great weekend.

  5. How beautiful! The Long-tailed ducks live also in Finland, actually in Lapland, in the very north, in summer.

  6. I have never seen that kind of duck.
    I was wondering how there could be open water when it has been so frigid, then I remembered, it is salt water from the Ocean.

  7. Wow, what great pictures. I have never seen that kind of duck. You are such a good bird spotter and I am always amazed at your photography. Have a great weekend.

  8. Charming day on the water, and those blues are incredible. I'm an all shades of blue fan!

  9. Yes, to be a boy in the bird kingdom seems to be a most wonderful thing....they are all so pretty. Those Long Tailed Ducks are the prettiest things and yes they do rather look like poodles. Love the photos of the sweet thing looking at you...just adorable. A beautiful post with blue, blue as far as the eye can see.

  10. Lovely birdies. I love that boat. I would love to live on a boat.

  11. Wonderful pictures. Apparently one has been seen close to may place some years ago, but although I went looking,I never did see it.

  12. The long-tailed ducks are really spectacular! Great photos of the Loons, too. And I like the pretty boat in the first photo

  13. What a fabulous colour boat The Mikayla Alexa is.
    So nice to see the long-tailed ducks.

    Happy February Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. I'm bot surprised you took so many photos...they are sooooo cute

  15. Loons and Long-tailed Ducks makes for a winner of a day in my book! Right now I am in stifling heat and humidity in Costa Rica and a cool ocean breeze would be very welcome.

  16. ha ha, okay, glad you 'fessed up... we really did know you took a hundred pics! and rightly so I say ;D)
    The long-tailed ducks are brilliant, gorgeous colouring and that pretty tail. How lovely to see them for the first time here in your post. Thank you Debbie xx

  17. Oh another exciting day, always fun to see things you haven't seen before and to get so many great pics too. I have never seen them before, they do have great pattern on them and that tail is so cool! Love that shot of it looking at you head on!!

  18. There are too many different bird types however they are all same for me. :)

  19. The photographs of the LT Ducks are superb Debbie and a treat to see. Occasionally we get them here in the winter. I hope you have great week ahead.

  20. thanks for sharing your photography

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a picture of this duck before...amazing. And good grief their faces Really DO look like a puppy.

  22. Wow! I’ve never seen that kind of duck! The one looking straight at you looked kind of like a puppy. Thanks for sharing!