Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summertime, and the Eating is Easy!!

I love summertime meals, the food seems fresher, lighter
and just a little bit easier.

Thats not to say I don't love those winter "comfort food" meals...I do,
maybe even more.
A roast, sauce or soup in the crockpot, yum,
but, for me, whatever season we are in, it's a cooking favorite of mine.

Summertime means fresh produce,
and nothing lights me up more than that.

If you have not eaten, excuse yourself now,
this is a food heavy post...no hunger complaints at the end,
you've been warned!!

This was a fan favorite from the garden.
Fingerling eggplant, diced fresh tomatoes, sweet onions,
shallots, butter and olive oil for sauteing,
salt, pepper and I toasted bread crumbs for the top.
This was really good,
I served it over rice and it would be great over pasta.

Pasta with meatballs and sauce, fresh basil from the garden.

Cucumber sandwiches with cucumbers and fresh dill from the garden.

Jersey corn on the cob, not from "my" garden but from someone's garden.
Summer would not be the same without it.

Tomato and cucumber salad, from the garden.
Poppy seed dressing, yum!!
And those bowls...are they not adorable!?

There were lots of BLT's so far this summer,
only the "T" came from the garden, but that's o.k.

We have been overcome with tomatoes.

And several of these meals where nothing came from the garden.
This is the hubs gift to me,
he makes the meal and calls me when it's ready.

Now here's a little something, not from the garden,
not very healthy but very yummy...

Trashy Tater Tots
Thawed tater tots stuffed with a very small piece of cheese.
Wrapped with half a piece of bacon,
rolled in brown sugar, bake until browned.
Checkout the video, here, if you are interested,
I omitted the hot sauce!!
The ones on the left are plain, just in case we didn't like the trashy ones,
but trashy was better... 
* wink *

 There has also been a big ole' pot of chicken noodle soup...

and one meatloaf that fed us for three dinners.

Here's one of the meatloaf days, I served it with rice and the 
sauted vegetables I pictured first!!

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  1. Sure looks delightful, Debbie! The Pres cooks suppers too...most of the time...then calls me when it's ready!! Summer vegetables are THE BEST!!!...:)JP

  2. Good morning Debbie! Everything looks so delicious. Good thing, I already ate my oatmeal. Your sauteed veggies look yummy. And I would love the Poppy seed dressing, is this from scratch? Meatloaf is one of our favorites and usually is enough for a few dinners. A yummy food post. Have a happy day!

  3. Must.get.to.farmer's.market. I miss the fresh garden vegetables I grew up with when nearly everyone or everyone's family had a garden - and the eating was easy. Yummy post.

  4. I think I'd really enjoy eating at your house. ;)

  5. Oh I like cucumbers, tomatoes and poppy seed dressing and will serve it at our big family dinner this Sunday! It's just perfect, as is everything else here too. You have gotten my tummy on a roll right now!

  6. Oh goodness! Everything looks so YUMMY! You and Chuck are such great cooks and gardeners; I love seeing the meals. And, this reminds me I haven't made meat loaf in ages. Today is as good a day as any! :)


  7. It's time for a good meat loaf...my mama could make the VERY BEST....and I have her recipe.
    Your veggies look so so good.

  8. Now, I must go in and do something with my garden produce today. Your ideas were awesome and I am so hungry after viewing the great photos. Love this! Blessings and hugs~

  9. YUM!! Your cucumber and tomato salad looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing such tasty and fresh meal ideas with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  10. I have a lot of stir fry surprise dishes during growing season.

  11. Yes, I am hungry now! My favorite summer food is okra, but it has to be fried. Not very healthy, but Oh, so yummy!!

  12. I really haven't eaten dinner yet and that all looks delicious! Yum!

  13. This reminded me I needed to go make dinner.

  14. Just the motivation I needed to go in the kitchen to bake. :) What lovely food, and yes, I too am ready for some good ole winter food. I have enjoyed my garden very much though. Lovely food Debbie!

  15. okay, little miss martha stewart. :)

  16. Oh my goodness, Debbie!
    Everything looks so yummy.
    I'm thinking that those tater tots are a "must do." :-)

  17. Welli it all looks quite tasty. Still not sure about egg plant having never eaten it. I do enjoy a good BLT and those Tater tots sounded amazing.

  18. Yes nothing beats fresh from the garden, I freeze what we can't eat and it sure taste better fresh from the garden but I like how it saves us money throughout the winter when we can just go to the freezer to get more. Your tomatoes look fantastic, I don't know if we buy the wrong kind or we water them wrong or what but we have problems with ours splitting.