Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Butterflies Are Free

Yesterday was such an exciting day for me...
filled with so many fun and memorable moments!!

I came home from my knitting class,
(Yesss...I had a knitting class...Woo-Hoo)...
 to find my butterfly had opened it's wings and was fluttering
around to dry those beautiful, voluptuous wings!

In order to tell the entire story,
you would need to read my first post...

 July 24, 2015

  July 29, 2015

On July 29, 2015 it had reached the chrysalis stage,
which = it kinda' looked dead.
But I had faith that one day, it would be a big and beautiful

After 13 days of betting on whether it was dead...
and staring at this "thing" that I was sure could not be alive...
she emerged, finally opening up to became, 
what she was always meant to be.

It was so exciting.

 This is how I found her when I came home...

 I opened the top of her home and she seemed very calm...

We released her after enjoying her for just a few minutes...
the release was freeing for me as well!!

She was strong and ready to go.
She posed for one last picture and then she flew off.
Her confidence was huge and she knew just what to do!! 

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  1. This was so exciting!! I have never done anything like it even when I was home schooling!

  2. Hi Debbie, that was exciting. Always awesome to see a happy ending and free butterflies. Congrats! Have a happy day!

  3. How wonderful - wow, you did good, Debbie! Maybe she'll be back to visit. :)

  4. I love that you are taking a knitting class.

    The butterfly certainly is exciting!

  5. How wonderful to have watched all this marvel of nature happening and then be able to release her into the wild.

  6. That's amazing - having been able to raise and free a butterfly. It must be a wonderful experience seeing it change everyday.

  7. Thank you for keeping her safe and setting her free.

  8. ohhhhhh, beautiful, sweet, flutter by.

  9. She's so beautiful! What a wonderful experience!

  10. Gorgeous butterfly, and lucky you to get to see her emerge!

  11. What an incredible experience and joyful time indeed! I wish her well and hope all goes well for her! She sure has a beautiful start to the rest of her days, thanks to you!

  12. Oh, that's awesome! Congratulations!

  13. Debbie - well done for nurturing her and setting her free. She looked amazing and lovely colouring.

    All the best Jan

  14. Wow! How did she fit in the chrysalis?! Incredible. What a good butterfly mama you are!
    xo, m & jb

  15. Amazing! I've never seen one of those.

  16. Debbie...How wonderful! I have done this with my class before. One year we spent the whole morning watching the caterpillars spin their chrysalis. It was truly amazing. They all survived and we were able to release them on the playground. Congratulations! It is beautiful!

  17. I absolutely loved this one. I think that watching the metamorphic changing of a Caterpillar into a butterfly is just so marvelous. Thanks for sharing this experience and the lovely photos that told the story.
    Blessings and hugs for the beauty that you bring into our lives.

  18. How exciting is that? In the past, when children and grandchildren were young, I used to do this with the Monarch butterfly. Guess I need to raise some dill so I may be blessed to raise a Swallowtail. Love your blog.

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  20. Oh wow how exciting and she is quite beautiful too!!

  21. That butterfly is absolutely gorgeous! So glad you shared the experience!

  22. Debbie that is so cool and exciting. She's a beauty. What an experience you had.

  23. That is such a precious moment.Glad you were able to get these pictures.

  24. This is wonderful! And that you captured it over time with pictures is so awesome.

  25. This was such an exciting post, Debbie! What a thrilling opportunity to watch your caterpillar friend turn into a beautiful butterfly :) Thank your for sharing this experience with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  26. Amazing story! She is beautiful!